A letter was sent on Independent American Party letterhead to 3,900 legislators across the nation with a proposed “Liberty Preservation Act”. The act is an adaptation from the Tenth Amendment Center and is fully supported by the IAP.

    The letter states, “The Constitution for the United States of America guarantees freedoms and liberties to its citizens. We have felt the benefits of these liberties for over two centuries. The Federal Government, under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the 2001 authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), claims the power to arrest and detain citizens within the U.S. and deny them access to courts, attorneys and more. These acts shamefully shred constitutional guarantees. Bottom line, they are nothing more than government sanctioned kidnapping.”

    Complete Bill

  • General Welfare Clause

    General Welfare does not mean "Anything You Want"

  • Isaacson for Congress 3rd Congressional Dist. Arkansas

  • Provis School of Political Economics

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    Richard Proctor, Ph.D.
    Provis Institute of Political Economics

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  • “The Great American Covenant and Promise”

    A Training Film for Patriots

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