The History of Nullification

July 13, 2011 Posted by: Will Christensen

Nullification, the action of a state legislature stating that a federal law is not to be used within the state, is mostly remembered as having to do with the Southern States and the Civil War. The principle of nullification was used, often by the Northern States, from the ratification of the Constitution to the current date.

A short discourse on nullification prior to the Civil War

Here’s a humorous infographic on the Nullification of Federal Law:

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  • Rjmills

    The Statas “a Nation” Can Not be Sovereign Without It’s People Being Sovereign. If the Citizen is a 14th Amendment Citizen. That Person IS NOT Sovereign thereore the State CAN NOT Be Sovereign.
       You Can Not Be Sovereign If You Are a FEDERAL CITIZEN. There is No State Rights Without It’s People!