Will Christensen for President, Suggested Cabinet

July 12, 2012 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

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Will Christensen. This is what a great patriot looks like!



(A Work in Progress.)

The names suggested for Cabinet Officers are of proven constitutionalists most of whom have not agreed to the appointment, and are for illustration only.  However the assignments listed are solutions to our nation’s challenges and are seriously given.    This is a work in progress and may change from day to day as more information and ideas are explored.

Department of Agriculture: Steven Pratt – Author of “Liberty and Learning” series

Assignment # 1 – Painlessly, but rapidly, eliminates federal agricultural subsidies and controls, transferring agricultural authority to the states.


Attorney General – Judge Andrew Napolitano

Assignment # 1 – Research laws passed in the last two decades to determine their constitutionality.   Those found unconstitutional will not be enforced by the Executive Branch pending remedial action by Congress.

Assignment # 2 – Research federal judges and Supreme Court justices who have given rulings outside of their constitutional authority so that constitutional removal action may be started

Assignment # 3 – Develop a bill limiting Presidential Executive Orders to the Executive Branch of government and shepherding that bill through Congress

Assignment # 4 – Determine which legislation passed in the last one hundred years runs counter to the Second Amendment. These laws will not be enforced by the Executive Branch pending remedial action by the Congress


Assistant Attorney General for the Counties of the United States – Sheriff Richard Mack author of “The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope”

Assignment # 1 – Instruct the county sheriffs in their duty to protect their constituents against runaway federal, state, or local governments.


Director of Management and Budget – Hans Andersen CPA, former auditor for the state of Arizona (Mr. Andersen has accepted the provisional assignment)

Assignment # 1– Bring budgets into line with revenue

Assignment # 2 – Oversee bills before Congress to eliminate pork barreling and other wasteful practices

Assignment # 3- Eliminate national debt


White House Chief of Staff – Scott Bartlett (Mr. Bartlett has accepted the provisional assignment)

Assignment # 1 – Insure that every Executive Branch Organization is running constitutionally.  Determine which Executive Branch Organizations are extra-constitutional prior to their removal.


Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors – Walter Williams – Professor of Economics at George Mason University

Assignment # 1 – Review the United States Tax Code to bring it into line with free enterprise principles.  Shepherd needed changes through Congress.

Assignment # 2 – Research which laws currently in force affect the ability of our industry to effectively compete worldwide.  Develop bills to eliminate these laws and promote their passage in Congress.


Secretary of Defense – Representative Allen West of FL

Assignment # 1– Insure that the defense needs of the United States are met

Assignment # 2 – Bring our troops safely, but rapidly home from foreign wars

Assignment # 3 – Assign troops to work under the Border Patrol in managing our borders


Secretary of Education – Ezola Foster – President of Black Americans for Family Values, author of “What’s Right for All Americans”

Assignment # 1 – Painlessly but rapidly, transfer all educational control to the local school districts or the states.

Assignment # 2 – Develop a free enterprise internet program for those who wish to legally immigrate to the United States featuring training in English, Liberty Principles, and needed skills.

Assignment # 3 – Phase out the Department of Education when assignment # 1 is completed.  Have suggested educational standards for school districts be published by Hillsdale College or another reputable institution.


Department of Energy _ Sarah Palin – former Governor of Alaska who promoted Alaska’s oil production.

Assignment  # 1 – Bring the United States to energy independence by eliminating federal restrictions on all energy development


Department of Health & Human Services – Farley Anderson – Author of “The Restoration of Our Republic” (Mr. Anderson has accepted the provisional assignment)

Assignment # 1 – Plan how to replace federal welfare programs with better state, local, or private programs.  The welfare recipients would then have the choice to stay on federal welfare or opt to a local program.  The federal program will accept no new members, and once the choice was made to leave by members, no returnees would be accepted.  As the local programs gather strength, the federal program would be in place until the last person was served that which was promised them.  This would create a steadily diminishing fiscal need and would lead to the eventual cessation of the programs.


Secretary of Homeland Security – Stewart Rhodes (Founder of Oath Keepers)

Assignment # 1 – Phase out the TSA, returning this function to the airlines.

Assignment # 2 – Facilitate the organizing, arming and disciplining of the various state militias.  The states will train their militia and choose its officers.

Assignment # 3 – Phase out the Department of Homeland Security by transferring its functions to the states while continuing to arm, organize, and discipline the militias as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Militia Affairs.


Secretary of the Interior – Patricia Kent – Constitutional lecturer formerly with the Department of the Interior (Patricia Kent has accepted the provisional assignment)

Assignment # 1 – Make preparations for restoring “Federal Land” to the states in which the land resides.  Exceptions for land for forts, military bases and ports which will be bought by the Federal Government from the states involved.


Department of Labor – Jerome Corsi – Author of “The Late Great U.S.A.”

Assignment # 1 – Develop a bill to fine or jail employers of illegal aliens.  As the jobs for illegal aliens dry up, they will self-deport, leaving 12 million jobs for Americans and legal immigrants.  Illegal aliens who self-deport will be considered for legal immigration along with those citizens of other countries who wish to immigrate legally and wish to become productive Americans.  Illegal aliens who refuse to leave freely and criminal illegal aliens will be apprehended by the states and localities.  Transportation to their home country will be handled federally by the military.  Transportation charges may be assessed to the country of origin.    Illegal aliens who are deported will not be considered for legal immigration.


Secretary of State – Scott Bradley – author of “To Preserve the Nation”

Assignment # 1 – Develop bills to have the United States withdrawn from the United Nations, NATO, SEATO, NAFTA, WTO, World Court, International Monetary Fund, etc.    Promote their passage in Congress.

Assignment # 2 – Develop friendly relations with all nations, alliances with none.    Promote the principles of Liberty to the world.

Assignment # 3 – Develop bills halting all foreign aid and promote their passage in Congress


Secretary of the Treasury – Ron Paul

Assignment # 1– Bring the assets of the Federal Reserve under the control of the Treasury Department using the Voorhis Bill or some other bill

Assignment # 2 – Restore gold and silver as the monetary base for the nation


Ambassador to the United Nations – John  McManus (President of the John Birch Society)

Assignment # 1 – Lead a pro-liberty movement among the nations.

Assignment # 2 – Protect the interests of the United States until we withdraw from the United Nations


Department of Veterans Affairs – Kenneth O. Preston –36 year veteran of the Army, served 7 years as the Sergeant Major of the Army (Mr. Preston has accepted the provisional assignment)

Assignment  # 1 – Insure that the needs of those who have served in the Armed Forces are met promptly and fairly, and that proper respect and honor is given to all veterans


Other Departments


Department of Commerce


Department of Housing & Urban Development

Small Business Administrator

United States Trade representative

Department of Transportation



Sheriff Joe Arpaio – Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona

Chuck Baldwin – Author, pastor, and former candidate for President.

Andy Biggs - AZ Legislator, Author of “The Doctrine of Liberty”.

Michael Boldin -  Founder of the Tenth Amendment Center

Robert Bork – Author of “The Tempting of America”.

Tom DeWeese – President of the American Policy Center.

Luis Fortuno – Governor of Puerto Rico – Has decreased Puerto Rico’s debt by 40+% while our President increased ours by trillions.

Chris Herrod  UT Legislator – Author of “Forgotten Immigrant”

Charles Keys – OK Legislator

Mark Mix – President  – National Right to Work Committee.

Judge Roy Moore – (10 Commandments Judge)

Mathew Staver – Chairman of Liberty Counsel

Howard Stephenson – UT Legislator

Kelly Wilson – Author of “In Search of the Wealth of Nations”.

Thomas Woods – Author of “Nullification”, “Rollback”, & 10 others.

Members of the Austrian School of Economics



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