IAP’s 28th Amendment (draft), by IAP’s 2016 Presidential Candidate Farley Anderson

November 8, 2015 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting


.The American Declaration of Independence Restoration and Recovery Act (Amendment 28 of the U.S. Constitution)

WHEREAS the United States has a founding document, The Declaration of Independence, and original intent, as iterated in the Federalist Papers puts this document as the prime document and interpretive filter for all law, Constitutional conception, and interpretation; and

WHEREAS The Declaration of Independence lists specific grievances which caused our forefathers to rebel from England; and

WHEREAS These grievances contain certain underlining principles for which England was in violation of, but which America defended through the War of Independence; and

WHEREAS Today the Declaration of Independence has been removed from its proper role and is no longer considered authoritative as part of judicial, executive, or legislative law; and

WHEREAS This neglect has been a major factor in interpreting away the original intent of the Constitution; and

WHEREAS this has contributed to the oath of office losing its meaning by many who take this oath; and

WHEREAS The People of the United States recognize and reverence The Declaration of Independence as the pre-eminent document in the rise of American prosperity, protection, and individual independence; and

WHEREAS the People of the United States have within their power and authority to amend the United States Constitution to rectify abuses and restore this document’s proper role;

NOWTHEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT we as Americans under the banner of national unity, rule of law, equality, and representative government therefore come together to enact the following:

From this time forth the constitutionally-prescribed oath of office shall include the following words after the word Constitution… “and the principles of the Declaration of Independence.”

This amended oath of office shall be reissued to all public servants currently in office as well as for all newly elected and appointed representatives. Those who break this oath shall promptly be removed from office and be subjugated to prosecution for perjury. Furthermore, from this time forth, the principles of the Declaration shall be the foundational interpretive filter for the United States Constitution and all subsequent law. Congress is empowered with the responsibility to review, and cause to be removed from office oath-breaking federal judges.

The principles of the Declaration of Independence to be enacted upon retroactively are as follows:

1. The laws of nature and Nature’s God shall be applied equally to everyone including elected officials.

Thus all law will equally apply to everyone including elected officials, and any proposed legal exemption or exclusive jurisdiction of law is prohibited.

2. States are entitled to their separate and equal station, and likewise the people of these states are entitled to their separate and equal station. This equality includes the equal protection of “natural rights,” and disavows theft on an individual or collective basis.


  • The 16th Amendment is repealed
  • The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is repealed
  • The Affordable Care Act is Repealed
  • All regulatory agencies in which Duties, Imposts and Excises are not geographically uniform throughout the United States, such as welfare and redistribution of wealth programs, will begin a transition of termination, and will be eliminated altogether within 10 years of the ratification of this Amendment.

3. It is self-evident truth that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, which includes freedom of conscience. Thereby government encroachment on the free exercise of religion shall cease.


  • Taxation restraint upon political activism of churches shall cease
  • Force of law requiring a person or an independent establishment to violate their conscience in providing economic goods and services to other individuals or establishments shall cease
  • Atheism as the government prescribed religion shall cease, and it is thus reiterated that the U.S. Constitution only shall be the supreme law of the land
  • Let it be recognized that the Bible is an honored part of America’s birth and heritage

4. That the purpose of government is to protect the inalienable rights of all Americans to individual life—defined as human life beginning at fertilization, and ending at natural death—, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


  • The precedence established in the 1973 decision of Roe vs. Wade is repealed, and life, liberty, and property shall be protected, and not violated except within the framework of due process of law
  • In order to protect the sovereignty of the nation, state, and individual, legal immigration shall be enforced, and the borders of our nation shall be secure

5. A foundational natural law is that government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, and not through usurpation or fiat authority.


  • Executive orders apply only to the executive branch, and not to the general population of American people
  • Homeland security and all other federal authority agencies shall enforce only those laws which fall under the proper, constitutional role of the federal government
  • States and local governmental jurisdictions have the right to nullify those laws which they interpret as being outside proper authoritative channels
  • It is reiterated that spying on American citizens without their consent is a violation of the 4th Amendment, and shall cease
  • Proper election procedures allowing only registered voters and honest counting shall be enforced
  • The 17th amendment, removing state representation, is contrary to this principle and is repealed

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  • G.W. Long

    Here! HERE!

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  • the beeste

    It’s “Roe” v. Wade. But great concept.

    • Kelly Gneiting

      Very true. Thank you. It has been changed. :)

  • JimPolichak

    This amendment would destroy America as it exists today. Had it been in place 60 years ago we would still have segregation. Had it been in place 100 years ago several states with large German communities might have opted out of World War I.
    If we are returning to the Declaration of Independence why not just return to our original founding document – the Articles of Confederation?
    There is a good argument to be made that the Constitution illegally replaced the Articles since it required 100% support and the Constitution declared itself in effect once two-thirds of the states ratified it virtually forcing the remaining states to agree or leave the Union.

    • splooshman

      The Founding Fathers all viewed the Articles of Confederation as deeply flawed and incapable of uniting the states under a strong federal government as a whole nation rather than a collective of states. No taxes were able to be levied. No military was able to be maintained, funded, or supplied. It has too many problems, which is why the United States Constitution was created and ratified by all states. Yes, it did require all states to ratify it in order to remain a part of the union. But it would never have become a union if such a requirement was not placed upon it, it would simply have remained a confederation of independent states. This amendment would not destroy America but restore it to its correct and original identity that has been destroyed by enemies both foreign and domestic. It is time to return to the America that guarantees and protects our God-given freedoms. That being said, this Amendment as written also contains fatal flaws.

  • David Alan Else

    The government of America as it exists today needs destruction. America as it exists in the hearts of true Americans needs to be reinstated according to the principles in the Declaration of Independence and a true representative government of the people, by the people and for the people. You Mr. Jim may opt out and move to whatever socialists regime of your choice.

  • John Byrnes

    This shows exactly the problem with America. Someone states something that may go against the principles and foundation of this Amendment, therefore we must bash him and belittle him to prove we’re right. This is the systemic problem with our country. As we have a divided government, so to are our people divided. In order to unite this country, we must tear down the walls of separation, and truly give people a voice of their own; not Democrat, or Republican, or Tea Party, or any other political affiliation. In a democracy, we have the freedom to vote and voice our opinions on any issue presented, and thereby having the majority determine the course of action best suited for the people. We’ve lost this ideal over the years. I would agree that this amendment would be a great start to getting our country back on the road to becoming what it was destined to be by our forefathers. In that regard, there could be a few changes made in order to appease a greater part of the population. As a natural order of things, you cannot make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time. By being a true leader, and a respected change agent, it’s imperative to listen to the minority’s point of view, and attempt to incorporate as many of their ideals as possible into the majority’s view.

  • I love this! Restore our Republic to its former glory! This is the answer to what we need.

  • PlanetJuggler

    sounds good to me!

  • Ron Bartels

    Fantastic! Let me know when it becomes official and is past the draft stage!

  • MarxingRightAlong

    Wars are won by numbers. Amendment 28 should bring that unity to the masses . . . . . if only they would listen. Sheeple are the resistance, People are the solution. If / when ? . . . the masses get up off their asses and propel Third Party Candidacies into the mainstream (( GO IAP ! )) then, and only then, will the Constitutional Change needed begin. EYE(sic) ALWAYS vote from amongst those who have raised THE LEAST amount of $$. THEY are the ones who want the position the most, and are least beholden to anyone when they get it = Let freedom Ring ! . . . . further I sayeth not.

  • Ana Phila

    Please someone, help us people that are looking for a different candidate who is honest and against abortion! Can someone be our candidate?

    • Bill Duvall

      The Independent American Party has a candidate, Farley Anderson. You can view our 15 principles on the website. Abortion is NOT acceptable in our party.

      Bill Duvall
      Southern Region Coordinator

  • Clifford Losee

    It all sounds good, but if the powers that be don’t honor the current documents and try to change the definitions that they were written under, where is the guarantee they won’t do the same with new directions. If all the corruption is removed from the government that the constitution created, forcefully if necessary, then filled with people like George Washington, the problem will be solved without having to make any modifications.

    • Bill Duvall

      You are correct Clifford. The real power should lie within the states. We have moved so far of what our founding fathers originally intended it is hard for many to wrap their minds around the present system. We need to return to our origins, We The People.

  • John Stanis

    I would like to mention one other matter concerning the Briexit separation from the EU, NWO. I for One take my Hat-Off to the People of Britain to standup to the
    Beast . So, when will America do the same thing against the Beast
    System. America Jews Elites are the cause for our economics and
    financial ruin from the Bush Administration with all the Illegal
    Bailouts to the tycoons, crooked cronies and 911Traitors. Now, the People has the
    Obama Administration NWO taking away our decency. rights and our
    sovereignty(Two Headed Vipers, Parties). Our Courts are corrupted with political correctness(Fake
    and No Authority) Executive Orders and our representatives don’t have
    the courage to standup and kill these criminal actions, Just, like the
    911 False Flag Attacks and the Corruption and Crimes in the 9/11
    Commission Report. God, is turning His back on America Babylon. Because
    the people and Patriotism has NO FOUNDATION that can with stand the