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Currently, the rotating 58 Hour Playlist includes the speeches and books listed below.  If you have a suggestion for our rotating audio material, send a message at  Content needs to be at least 96kbs, and appropriate for the spirit of the Independent American Party.

IAP Radio currently includes:

Behold a Pale Horse, by William Cooper

The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin

The 5000 Year-Leap, by Cleon Skousen

Constitutional Seminar, by Earl Talor of the National Center For Constitutional Studies

Farewell Address, George Washington

Getttsburg Address, by Abraham Lincoln

Give me Liberty or Give me Death by Patrick Henry

The Law, by Frederick Bastiat

Common Sense, by Thomas Paine

Text of the U.S. Constitution

Speeches by Ezra Taft Benson, Cleon Skousen and others

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