May 23, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

(from Cleon Skousen’s Appendix A in his Study Course, “The Miracle of America,” 1981 original, 2008 updated)  LOOK AT QUESTION #100 101 Constitutional Questions To Ask Candidates Because so many millions of […]

May 5, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Are you a communist? Silly question, right? Of course you’re not a communist! Or are you? It’s very likely that you believe in at least a few of the planks of the […]

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April 27, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

The most incredible story of the 2016 election cycle is not the unexpected success of Donald Trump, but the highly telling achievements of socialist Bernie Sanders. Never before in American history has […]

April 27, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

I want to devote this article to the topic of food storage. This topic is, in my opinion, absolutely crucial. I don’t believe a person can claim to be fully prepared for […]

Detail of Betsy Ross Flag With Thirteen Stars and Stripes
April 15, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

In his second epistle to his fellow Christian missionary Timothy, the Apostle Paul wrote: “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (2 Timothy 2:3). Mortality is a war […]

April 4, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

It seems to me that the prevailing opinion in society is that politics and religion are two separate things. According to this view, one’s political decisions have no bearing upon one’s faith […]

March 10, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

The Constitution is a sacred document. It is far more than the “supreme Law of the Land.” It is a charter of human Liberty. It is the preeminent governmental system ever produced […]

February 25, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

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February 25, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

One of the most infuriating and fallacious accusations I constantly hear from Republican pundits and so-called conservatives is that a vote for an independent or third party candidate is essentially a vote […]

February 19, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Farley Anderson is the Presidential candidate for the Independent American Party Rebellion against tyranny? YES!  Armed Sedition? NO, not now.  The recent tragedy in Oregon brought to the surface the volatile situation […]

February 17, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

From The New American After arresting and charging radio host Pete Santilli (shown) with “conspiracy” in connection with his reporting on the occupation of the Oregon wildlife refuge, the federal government has sparked […]

February 17, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

by Kelly Gneiting I’m very disappointed tonight.  I feel like an opportunity was missed. I know in the patriot movement everyone generally feels like they have the answers.  If there’s one thing […]

February 16, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Taken partly from Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) “To Serve and Protect” Almost every state and county has some form of this slogan on badges, patches, uniforms and/or patrol cars.  But […]

February 15, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Ten Reasons Why There Is No Difference Between The Democrat & Republican Socialist Parties By Robert D. Gorgoglione Sr In the tradition of Patrick Henry & Thomas Jefferson Download the Entire Document […]

February 15, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

From  Feb. 7, 2016 About two years ago the Nation watched as Cliven Bundy stood in opposition against an unjust seizure of his ranch and grazing rights by the BLM. The event […]

February 14, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

From I wasn’t sure what I thought about Ammon Bundy and the group of people who went from a peaceful protest in support of Oregon Ranchers Dwight and Steve Hammond to an […]

Detail of Betsy Ross Flag With Thirteen Stars and Stripes
February 9, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

The Faith of a Patriot   Humble, meek, submissive, yet strong, With a knowledge of truth of right and wrong; He looks o’er the land—endless fields in view; Seeing a harvest great, […]

February 7, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Thomas Jefferson has said, “For depth of purpose, zeal, and sagacity, no man in Congress exceeded, if any equaled, Sam Adams.” Samuel Adams is known as the “Father of the American Revolution.” […]

February 3, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

From The New American Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum was “murdered” by law enforcement agents, says the Finicum family, in theobituary posted to the mortuary chapel website announcing his funeral arrangements, which are scheduled […]

February 2, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Parties are not government. We seem to be very confused on this fact quite regularly. But knowing this is essential to keeping the proper perspective on elections. The Republican Party is not […]