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June 5, 2016 Posted by: Bill Duvall


by Ron Bartels on June 4, 2016

Our nation’s first revenue raising Act was “…in a certain sense a second Declaration of Independence; and by a coincidence which could not have been more striking or more significant, it was approved by President Washington on the fourth day of July, 1789.”

James Madison, in discussing this Act before Congress identified a fundamental principal concerning the power delegated to Congress to lay and collect taxes:

He said, “a national revenue must be obtained; but the system must be such a one, that, while it secures the object of revenue it shall not be oppressive to our constituents.”

The Original Act went on to impose taxes, not on Congress’ constituents, but on specific “goods, wares, and merchandise, imported into the United States”, and not one dime was raised under the Act by internal taxation! Internal taxes were frowned upon by the Founders, especially when national revenue could be had by requiring foreigners to pay for the privilege of doing business on American soil!

The FairTax does not restore us to the world’s best tax system in one step. But it gets us one step closer to reinstalling our founding fathers custom designed tax revenue system. But is step 1 of 8 steps to get us back to the world’s best tax plan. Step 1 is the biggest and most difficult but the journey of 8 steps must begin with the 1st step.

When our founding fathers began this great nation, they were deep in debt. The expenses of fighting wars are always great.

It is far less expensive to make war at the ballot box than by use of the bullet box. The FairTax helps us win this war at the ballot box.

Our founders made progress on paying off their national debt; just we must pay off our national debt. Remember this, the Democrats and Republicans at best give lip service to paying off the national debt. Remember also, that to replace the Federal Reserve Banking System, we must actually pay-off the National Debt. So it is with our current status in mind, that we must pay attention to part of a certain speech given on December 15, 1802 by Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson, in his Second Annual Message delivered December 15, 1802, states:

“In the department of finance it is with pleasure I inform you that the receipts of external duties for the last twelve months have exceeded those of any former year, and that the ratio of increase has been also greater than usual. This has enabled us to answer all the regular exigencies of government, to pay from the treasury in one year upward of eight millions of dollars, principal and interest, of the public debt, exclusive of upward of one million paid by the sale of bank stock, and making in the whole a reduction of nearly five millions and a half of principal; and to have now in the treasury four millions and a half of dollars, which are in a course of application to a further discharge of debt and current demands.”

In Jefferson’s Second Inaugural Address (March 4, 1805,) he points out:

“At home, fellow citizens, you best know whether we have done well or ill. The suppression of unnecessary offices, of useless establishments and expenses, enabled us to discontinue our internal taxes.

“The remaining revenue on the consumption of foreign articles, is paid cheerfully by those who can afford to add foreign luxuries to domestic comforts, being collected on our seaboards and frontiers only, and incorporated with the transactions of our mercantile citizens, it may be the pleasure and pride of an American to ask, what farmer, what mechanic, what laborer, ever sees a tax-gatherer of the United States?”   speech

The FairTax exempts the necessities of everyday living from internal taxation by means of a prebate of all internal taxes on the necessities of life for everyone regardless of income. The FairTax also forces goods manufactured abroad to bear the same tax burdens as goods manufactured domestically. Later, after the true costs of federal governance have been severed from the other public obligations such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Education, Healthcare and other obligations, prohibited by Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution have been eliminated by incorporation of the thirty-thousand plan that Richard Proctor will speak about.

Although a national consumption tax, an indirect tax, has a prebate of all consumption taxes to keep it from harming our citizens and doing our nation ill, it is no the be all and end all. The end plan must be to remove all internal taxation. To that end, the FairTax gives motivation to do perform that duty for our God-given nation.

The FairTax Plan enables us to remove the barriers the Satanic tyrants of the New World Order have placed in the way of the return to the greatest tax plan ever devised by man, the tax plan already proven successful as reported by Jefferson.

Many savvy independent-minded Americans realize that we have regressed to the point we live in a post-constitutional era. But they, like us want to move forward to a new constitutional era.

Many know the prophecy in Revelation 13:17 which foretold us that in the end times, big government would not let us buy or sell without its approval. The FairTax, to that end delays the prophecy of Revelation 13:17

R e v e l a t i o n 1 3 : 1 7

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Every political party must take a position on Tax Policy so we are no different. If we adopt the FairTax Plan as a step forward to return to the constitution and to constitutional tax policy, we can much easier grow our membership to get the job done.

First, we must realize just how our current tax policy has hijacked the constitution. The interlopers have used the divide and conquer tactic of dividing the American people into two primary political groups. One to the right of the constitution and the other to the left of the constitution with no one left to defend the constitution. They have used the duopoly of the Democratic Republican Party System. Then they have replaced our constitutional tax policy with a post constitutional tax policy which is 74,406 pages long and so convoluted very few people can easily understand it. It is called the Internal Revenue Code or IRC.

The IRC is packed with socialist policy to the left of the constitution and with corporate cronyism to the right of the constitution.

We must center our tax policy neither to the right, nor to the left of the constitution but directly upon the constitution. To that end, the FairTax Plan is a actuarially accurate tool to accomplish the end goal of reinstalling the founder’s tax plan.

The socialist policies have and still are being used to manipulate voter support while the corporate cronyism policy is used to manipulate the influx of unjust enrichment for the money changers of our day.

The IRC not only raises revenues for the support of legitimate government operations but also to support socialist policy to control the voters and corporatist policy to control the titans of industry. In short, the IRC is being used as a central policy to fulfill the Revelation 13:17 prophecies.

In order to make progress toward a constitutional tax policy we must sever the socialist and corporatist policies from conformance with Revelation 13:17. Step 1 is to kill the IRS and the IRC without killing off the voters who have been manipulated into becoming subject to the social side of this equation.

Folded into the IRC are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. All three programs have been bankrupted. Now the process of college education has been folded into the IRC. Healthcare has been folded into the IRC. Also folded into the IRC is the regulation of religion and the regulation of politics. The IRC is a tool which is bankrupting our nation as well. The IRC has been purposely designed to bring about the Revelation 13:17 prophesy.

There is no way to get back to limited government without dealing with these folded in issues. The FairTax funds the social programs until they can be severed from the federal government and separately funded elsewhere. It keeps the consent of the governed in place during the transition period. But it does cut off corporate welfare immediately.

The FairTax is not the beginning and ending tax policy change, it is just the beginning. It is a way to defeat our enemy at the ballot box before the bullet box becomes a necessity. It is step 1 of 8 steps to reinstall the founder’s tax plan.

We must realize that the FAIRtax plan is an interim policy to bring about enough citizen consent to defeat the Beast of a New World Order in our day and for our time.

It will help enable to growth of our constitutional conforming Independent American Party. The success may even draw enough members from the Constitution Party to the IAP that the Constitution Party and the Conservative Party USA to join us along with millions more from the other parties. We must have a tax policy to significantly decrease the voter constituency of the Democratic-Republican Party System.

Here is what the FairTax Plan does for the people of our nation:

close IRS

FAIRtax Eliminates the Federal Individual and Corporate Income Tax

Simple. No filing of individual tax returns. No more keeping records or receipts.

No more wasted time complying with a 74,406 page tax code

Saves Americans over $400 Billion per year in filing and compliance costs

No more stress on April 15th!

FAIRtax Let’s You Keep What You Earn

Increases take-home pay by letting you keep your entire paycheck

No more payroll tax deductions for federal income tax, Social Security or Medicare

FAIRtax Abolishes the IRS

Efficient. Taxes are collected locally using existing state tax collection agencies

Eliminating the IRS will save billions of taxpayer dollars

No more using the IRS and the federal tax code as a political weapon

No more using the tax code as a religious weapon

No more suing the tax code as asocial engineering weapon

FAIRtax Reduces Corruption & Cronyism in Washington, DC

Eliminates the largest single source of government corruption

Removes power from lobbyists and special interests

No more tax shelters or loopholes for the rich and well connected

FAIRtax Grows the Economy & Creates Jobs

Eliminating corporate income tax will bring jobs and businesses back from overseas

Eliminates tax on savings, dividends, investments & capital gains

Trillions of U.S. and foreign investment dollars will come back to the U.S.

FAIRtax Leads to Major Growth in U.S. Exports and Helps Reduce the Trade Deficit

U.S. products & services will be more price competitive in world markets

The IRC makes products we export 31% more expensive and products we import 31% less expensive

Increased demand for U.S. products & services will restore the “Made in America” label

FAIRtax Reduces Tax Evasion & Fraud

Simplified system increases compliance and improves collection efficiency

The current tax system loses an estimated $600 Billion per year in tax evasion & fraud

The loss of $600 billion combined with $400 billion in IRC compliance costs is a $1 Trillion dollar annual drain on our stalled out economy

Criminals, drug dealers and those here illegally will now have to pay taxes it reduces the tax burden on the 47% of us who pay for overpriced, inefficient government

FAIRtax Increases Personal Freedom & Individual Contro

You are taxed only when you consume new products and services

You are no longer punished for hard work and productivity

Triangle FT

The poor are no longer locked into a voter block for socialist politicians because they have all roadblocks to prosperity removed

With FAIRtax, There Are No More “Hidden Taxes”

Visible. See exactly how much tax you pay to fund the government printed on every receipt

Consumers who see how expensive government is are less likely to want more of it

Consumers who see how expensive government is are likely to want less of it

With full transparency, politicians can’t hide tax increases in a complicated tax code

With FAIRtax, There Are No More Gift or Estate Taxes

You are free to donate or pass on your personal belongings with no tax consequences

FAIRtax Truly “Untaxes” the Poor and Reduces Poverty

Monthly tax rebate checks will “untax” spending up to the poverty level

Real wages are increased for low-income households

The FairTax has more economic benefits for the working poor than the $15 minimum wage laws do but at no increase in the cost of labor to employers

The FairTax lowers to cost of paying employees by employers

FAIRtax Restores “Fairness” to the U.S. Tax System

Fair. Everyone pays the same rate and no one pays taxes on basic living essentials

No more special treatment to those who pay lobbyists and contribute to politicians

FAIRtax Discourages Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrants will help fund the government when they purchase goods and services

Those without a valid Social Security number will not receive monthly tax prebate checks

FAIRtax Helps Save Social Security & Medicare

The FAIRtax broadens the tax base and stabilizes funding for Social Security & Medicare

The current system’s downward trend of workers per retiree is unsustainable

FAIRtax Helps Restore Religious and Political Freedom of Speech

Religious organizations are no longer threatened by IRS with loss of federal “tax exempt” status

Congregations and members are no longer discouraged from discussing politics

Independent Political Parties have no barriers to gaining parity with the Democratic-Republican Party system

FAIRtax Restores Personal Privacy

No more submitting personal income and lifestyle information to the federal government

Eliminates unconstitutional self-incrimination required by the income tax code

FAIRtax Requires the Repeal of the 16th Amendment

The FAIRtax requires that the 16th Amendment be repealed within 7 years after enactment. All amendments must have a maximum period for completion. This goes hand in hand with our efforts to stop the Article V Convention of the States scam.

My friends, it is up to us to “Make America Great Again, not a politician who may be here today and gone tomorrow.”

Fair Tax Nation

Ron Bartels is the National Membership Director and 4th Vice Chair of the Independent American Party. He aslo holds a Doctorate of Jurisprudence and a Ph.D in Industrial Psychology. He is the Owner and Editor In Chief of the online Newspaper The Cleburne Press.

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