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One of the clearest and most essential types of patriotic development is contained within the Independent American Party “Coat of Arms” System (IAP-CAS).

Under the IAP-CAS, IAP members and other patriots earn various badges.

The preservation of Life, liberty and property is codified in a set of principles.  As explained by Cleon Skousen “the individual, the man, has three great rights, equally sacred from arbitrary interference: the right to his LIFE, the right to his LIBERTY, the right to his PROPERTY…The three rights are so bound together as to be essentially one right. To give a man his life but deny his liberty, is to take from him all that makes his life worth living. To give him his liberty but take from him the property which is the fruit and badge of his liberty is to still leave him a slave.  (5,000 Year Leap)

It is the intent of great patriots everywhere to educate America about the realities of the world around us.  The honorable Ezra Taft Benson, who inspired this Party with his speech “The Proper Role of Government” once said:

Once you get the facts about our American Constitutional Republic and the threats to it, then you are going to want to do something. Certainly those who are organized and have a plan and are dedicated, though they be few, will always defeat the many who are not organized and have no plan or dedication.

The purpose of IAP-CAS is to go beyond gathering the fact about our American Constitutional Republic, and the threats to it, since this knowledge in and of itself is useless.  The meaning comes in acting upon it!

Picture the rapids of a great river rushing over and around giant boulders.  In your mind’s eye, hear its roar and sense its power.  Now picture that you remove a cup of water anywhere along this river, and sense how this small amount loses its power and starts to dry up in the sun.  Now imagine emptying this cup back into the river, knowing that as part of the whole, that water wears rocks into sand and in time, overpowers all other elements in its way.  So an inspired organization consisting of many many people acts as a great army which kept whole and loyal to the King of kings can conquer all the powers of darkness.

Under the IAPCAS, advancement in rank is obtained through completing a checklist of tasks, on the honor system.

The following is the requirements for badge rank.


Ezra Taft Benson Badge (1st Rank)

  1. Carefully Read the speech, “The Proper Role of Government” by Ezra Taft Benson OR Watch the video of his talk, both up HERE


Proud Patriot Badge (2nd Rank)

  1. Read the 15 Principles of the IAP, along with the Commentary.  Show your pride as a Patriot in the spirit of Romans 1:16.


Praying Patriot Badge (3rd Rank)

  1. Sincerely pray every day for 2 weeks about specifically the 1) principles AND 2) destiny (or future) of America.  As you pray, you are encouraged to ponder and search the scriptures for evidences of patriotism, and related principles.
  2. Advice on prayer (optional)
    1. Pray out-loud (Mark 11:23, Matthew 7:12)
    2. Pray with Faith (James 1:7)
    3. Pray specifically (Matthew 6:9-13)
    4. Pray “Thy will be done” (Luke 22:42)
    5. Pray in the spirit (Romans 8:26)
  3. Look up each of these scriptures on prayer


Impassioned Patriot Badge (4th Rank)

  1. Who taught the Founding Fathers Natural Law?  More than a third of all Founders’ referenced quotes at the Constitutional Congress were from the Bible, and most of these were from the book of Leviticus.  Our American Israel was a term frequently used in that day.  Find out why:  Read the Biblical books of Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers—in essence, the story of Moses, where Natural Law originated, on the top of Mt. Sinai.
  2. The majority of the remaining quotes at the Constitutional Congress were from one of the following 4 men:
    1. Baron de Montesquieu (1689 – 1755)
    2. John Locke (1632 – 1704)
    3. William Blackstone (1723 – 1780)
    4. Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)
  3. Read what Wikipedia has to say about each of these gentlemen.
  4. Gather a collection of quotes from these 4 influential Patriots, 20 minimally, and include at least 2 quotes from each


John Dickinson Badge (5th Rank)

  1. Gather ten names and email addresses of individuals in your circle of influence.  Schedule a time to talk with each of these people about the proper role of government and the IAP’s 15 principles (in Ezra Taft Benson’s “Proper Role of Government”).  During the call, assess the person’s knowledge, and focus on solutions to problems (i.e. don’t let it be a government bad-mouthing session).  Each call must minimally be 5 minutes long.
  2. Read what http://www.wikipedia.org/ says about the great revolutionary patriot, John Dickinson



Caesar Rodney Badge (6th Rank)

  1. Take an oath to sustain and defend the Constitution of the United States.
  2. Read the 61-page National Center For Constitutional Studies Workbook found HERE
  3. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great revolutionary patriot, Caesar Rodney


Charles Carroll Badge (7th Rank)

  1. Read “The 5000-Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen OR listen to it HERE
  2. Be able to identify the 28 Principles of The 5000 Year-Leap (Memorization is not required, but the ability to identify/recognize each principle is)
  3. Completely Read the Declaration of Independence
  4. Completely Read the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
  5. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great revolutionary patriot, Charles Carroll


King Alfred Badge (8th Rank)

  1. Identify 6 popular news issue items and explain your position, in writing, based on Founding Fathers principles
  2. Attend 1 “City Hall” type of event and publically lend your opinion in support of correct Constitutional principle OR Peacefully assemble in support of correct Constitutional principle over an issue in your community/region.  Alternately, find 3 patriotic blogs online and lend your opinion in each blog.
  3. Read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat
  4. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great Anglo-Saxon patriot, King Alfred



Abigail Adams Badge (9th Rank)

  1. Call in on a radio/TV show and express your opinion in support of correct Constitutional principle OR submit your written opinion in support of correct Constitutional principle to any newspaper and make an attempt to ensure its publication.
  2. Diligently look for a Constitutional seminar or presentation in your area, and attend, if one is available (these are more common during the 4th of July season).  If a seminar/presentation is NOT available, put on a study session in your house and invite at least 5 friends/family members.
  3. (Optional) Accept a state or national position in the IAP.
  4. Attend 3 patriotic conference calls (which may include IAP Conference Calls), and contribute your suggestions (IAP membership is NOT required).
  5. Read“Common Sense”by Thomas Payne (http://www.ushistory.org/paine/commonsense/)
  6. Read “The Crisis” by Thomas Payne (http://www.ushistory.org/paine/crisis/index.htm)
  7. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great revolutionary patriot, Abigail Adams

(3 month time limit for badge advancement to Samuel Adams)



Samuel Adams Badge (10th Rank)

  1. Learn the voting district geographical boundaries within the County in which you live.  Boundary maps can be obtained by your State Government’s website, County Clerk, or by going to census.gov.  Be able to identify these community regions on a map.
  2. Contact your State Senator even if by email or fax and let them know your position on 6 issues (You can do this through the John Birch Society’s website, www.jbs.org, or a related website such as www.numbersUSA.com or www.gunowners.org).
  3. Stay connected with at least one of these websites or IndependentAmericanParty.org thereafter and support a Constitutional ACTION ITEM position once every 2 weeks minimally.
  4. Contribute 3 more articles in local/regional/national newspapers OR call in 3 more times to radio talk-shows in support of correct Constitutional principles.  If this absolutely isn’t an option, then contribute these articles and/or detailed opinions as a link on your FACEBOOK account.
  5. Regularly (weekly) use Facebook/Twitter to post quotes from the Founders and/or other information in support of “original intent”.
  6. Read a patriotic book of your choice (from the list below)
  7. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great revolutionary patriot, Samuel Adams


Thomas Jefferson Badge (11th Rank)

  1. Do Two of the Three Projects Below:
    1. Produce and pass out 1,000 fliers to residents of your Voting District, Community, and/or County.
    2. Submit an patriotic float and participate in 4th of July parade events in your community.
    3. Put on at least 2 Constitutional Seminars in your area; hopefully this can become a regular event in your community; sincerely try to get individuals involved in patriotic efforts.
  2. Read a patriotic book of your choice (from the list below)
  3. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great revolutionary patriot, Thomas Jefferson


Benjamin Franklin Badge (12th Rank)

  1. Benjamin Franklin’s Greatest Contribution was that of diplomacy.  Beginning now, contribute 40 sincere hours in efforts to convert individuals to the Founding Fathers’ original intent, as inspired by God (you may refer them to this system).
  2. Read a patriotic book of your choice (from the list below)
  3. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great revolutionary patriot, Benjamin Franklin


George Washington Badge (13th Rank)

  1. Run for public office


  1. Write a book (minimum 100 pages) in support of correct Constitutional principle, and attempt to publish it.


  1. Develop and control a radio station to be continually broadcasting Constitutional principle to at least 100 people.


  1. Author another major project (i.e. Develop plans to organize a Constitutional State Militia, create a Journal publication in support of correct Constitutional principle, mass produce and distribute IAP bumper stickers, author a documentary on freedom, develop a Constitutional TV/Radio program, etc.)
  2. Read a patriotic book of your choice (from the list below)
  3. Read what www.wikipedia.org says about the great revolutionary patriot, George Washington


Suggested Book List (not all-inclusive)

*The 5000-Year Leap by Cleon Skousen

*The Law by Frederick Bastiat

*Common Sense by Thomas Payne (http://www.ushistory.org/paine/commonsense/)

*The Crisis by Thomas Payne (http://www.ushistory.org/paine/crisis/index.htm)

National Center For Constitutional Studies Workbook

The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Madison, Jay

Original Intent by David Barton

1776 by David McCullough

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Making of America by Cleon Skousen

The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville

Samuel Adams, a Life by Ira Stoll

The History of the Anglo-Saxons by Sharon Turner (Vol. 1-3)

Other authorized books are available at: