2014 IAP Candidates - Independent American Party - Official

But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth.  (2 Corinthians 10:17-18)

Candidates Vetted by the PEOPL Committee, 2014 (scroll down)


Robert “Yoda” Gorgoglione is the Chief Counselor of the Independent American Party, and is running for State House #30 in Idaho.

31 Approved Candidates

2 Unapproved Candidates





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Dwayne Vance Candidacy, US House #1

Wayne Hill Candidacy, US House #2

Zack Strong Candidacy, US House #3

Tim Aalders Candidacy, US House #4

Leslie Curtis Candidacy, Attorney General

Charles Christensen Candidacy, State House #2

Eli Cawley Candidacy, State House #19

John Schoppe Candidacy, State House #35

Jolene Kniffing Candidacy, State House #40

Gary Van Horn Candidacy, State House #58

Jason Christensen Candidacy, State House #64

Rett Rowley Candidacy, State House #68

Nihla Judd Candidacy, State House #75

Daniel Butler Candidacy, County Commissioner, Carbon County

Tracy Allred, Sheriff, Carbon County

Kelly Johnson, County Commissioner, Sevier County

Tate Bennett, County Attorney, Juab County

David Else, U.S. House #3

Linda Allen, State House  #72


David VanDerBeek, Governor


Suzie Easter Candidacy, Legislative District #22

Kelly Gneiting, Senate District #7


Pro-Life Candidacy, Governor

David Hay Candidacy, State Representative #30A

Robert Gorgoglione Candidacy, State House #30

Kirsten Richardson, State Senate District #8


Roger Tucker, State Senator, District 6


Joshua Griffin, 80th House District


Mac Spainhour, Clark County Sheriff

New York

Michael McDermott, Governor


Cary Lee Peterson LL.D., House


Candidates Vetted and NOT Approved by the IAP’s PEOPL Committee

John Mealer, Governor, Arizona

Christopher Lye Daines, County Attorney, Cache County, Utah