2014 IAP Candidates

IAP Candidates, 2014 (scroll down)


Robert “Yoda” Gorgoglione is the Chief Counselor of the Independent American Party, and is running for State House #30 in Idaho.






Utah: View the Utah Tri-Fold brochure

Dwayne Vance Candidacy, US House #1

Wayne Hill Candidacy, US House #2

Zack Strong Candidacy, US House #3

Tim Aalders Candidacy, US House #4

Leslie Curtis Candidacy, Attorney General

Charles Christensen Candidacy, State House #2

Eli Cawley Candidacy, State House #19

John Schoppe Candidacy, State House #35

Jolene Kniffing Candidacy, State House #40

Gary Van Horn Candidacy, State House #58

Jason Christensen Candidacy, State House #64

Rett Rowley Candidacy, State House #68

Nihla Judd Candidacy, State House #75

Daniel Butler Candidacy, County Commissioner, Carbon County

Tracy Allred, Sheriff, Carbon County

Kelly Johnson, County Commissioner, Sevier County

Tate Bennett, County Attorney, Juab County


Suzie Easter Candidacy, Legislative District #22

Kelly Gneiting, Legislative District #7


Pro-Life Candidacy, Governor

David Hay Candidacy, State Representative #30A

Robert Gorgoglione Candidacy, State House #30

Kirsten Richardson, State Senate District #8


Roger Tucker, State Senator, District 6


Joshua Griffin, 80th House District


Candidates Vetted and NOT Approved by the IAP’s PEOPL Committee

John Mealer, Governor, Arizona

Christopher Lye Daines, County Attorney, Cache County, Utah