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Checklist for Potential IAP Candidates

  • (Optional) Complete Questionnaire: 1) download, 2) complete using Adobe Reader, 3) save, and 4) email your completed questionnaire to
  • Sign (or don’t sign) the 3 pledges of the PEOPL Commitment electronically (if you don’t sign, we will ask you why)
  • Send a message to the PEOPL Committee (below) indicating your preferred time to meet via conference call

Schedule a time to be vetted as an IAP candidate. We can meet you on Sunday and Monday nights for ½ hour, 6-8 p.m. Please give us your best phone number (we'll call you), let us know your thoughts, and what time you can meet. Thank you.

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Your personal Campaign Outline & Checklist (a service from the IAP)

In the Independent American Party we are determined to qualify for the strength of the Lord in enacting solutions to America’s woes.  He is the Creator, we are instruments in His hands.  We 1) are determined to NOT surrender our principles for expediency, and 2) desire to unify diverse minds and hearts.  Although sometimes welding these two central aspects of our party is difficult, we don’t expect restoring America to be anything less.  We are determined!  We may be a party of destination, but we FOR SURE are a party of determination.

According to Section 12 of the IAP Bylaws (1 and 2 apply), candidates in the IAP:

1) Undergo a vetting process by a body of citizens, of at least 2, who have issued a call for that person to run for office; and at no time shall a candidate represent this party otherwise.

2) Must sign the PEOPL Commitment, which is three pledges; the Independence Pledge, the Pledge to support the IAP’s 15 principles, and the Pledge to support the IAP’s proposed 28th Amendment; OR be approved by the PEOPL Committee.

3) In addition, running for office under the PEOPL process does NOT require the potential candidate’s time or money, ONLY their honesty and wisdom.  Thus the roadblock of hard work AND spending an exorbitant amount of money is neutralized.  Candidates are strongly discouraged from spending ANY money above what’s absolutely necessary.  Where possible (and legal), the Party will pay for the all candidate’s expenses while running for office.  It is our sincere belief that in time the PEOPL Process, and the reputation of our candidates’ high standards will be the “currency” which will buy off elections.

IAP Candidates are candidates of principle, and we are working to make our principles popular.  Three articles that describe the heart and soul of our standards are:

Ezra Taft Benson’s The Proper Role of Government