Ten Reasons Why There Is No Difference Between The Democrat & Republican Parties

February 15, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Ten Reasons Why There Is No Difference Between The Democrat & Republican Socialist Parties

By Robert D. Gorgoglione Sr

In the tradition of Patrick Henry & Thomas Jefferson

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1.   Both parties voted for the Federal Reserve central banking System.

2.   Both parties voted for the Communist Graduated Income Tax (16th Amendment).

3.   Both parties voted for ending the representation of the Sovereign States in the U.S. Senate thus destroying the Constitutional checks and balances of power between the Federal & State Governments (17th Amendment).

4.   Both parties voted for a declaration of war against Germany (WW I).

5.  Both parties voted for FDR’s Socialistic “New Deal” by voting for multiple socialist and unconstitutional legislative acts.

6.   Both parties voted for freezing all trade with Japan while freezing all her assets in the U.S. These acts led to the attack on Pearl Harbor & WW II.

7.   Both parties voted for our coming under the control of the Communist controlled United Nations and gradually ending our National Sovereignty. This also forced us into no-win wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan and Iraq etc. None of these nations were a threat to the U.S.

8.   Both parties voted for The Patriot Act, The Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA & NSA. Etc. These acts were essential to creating a Communist State in America.

9.  Both parties voted for numerous and endless gun control laws. You cannot establish a Communist State with a heavily armed population.

10. Both parties voted for The Environmental Protection Agency and The War on Drugs, both of which have eviscerated the 4th Amendment etc.



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  • Ring Huggins

    As I was saying this morning to a friend was what this whole political thing with the socialist commies is that they believe that the federal government can run my life and my business better than I can.

    • John Andersen

      Ok. Then let them run your fortune 500 company. Lol…peckerwoods

  • I find it interesting how these parties morphed into one following the Civil War. Not to mention how much they evolved. To think that the Republicans were radicals with emancipation in the platform. Then the Democrats formed a Confederate nation with intentions to preserve their most profitable commerce (slavery). Then they both compromised on the “Jim Crow” laws. They also attempted to ship off the newly emancipated U.S. citizens back to the African continent forming the present country of Liberia. Now look at them squabbling for the “black vote” in the debates as if it’s a game. Sad to watch really.

  • wizowl

    Bottom line is M O N E Y. It’s all about how the elite can gain access to all the valuable resources in this world. M O N E Y drives EVERYTHING. If you’ve got the M O N E Y you can survive, but everything is being done to see that the have nots will remain so.

    Soon ROBOTS will replace humans as workers in MOST areas. Soon only ROBOT builders and repair-persons will be the only humans needed to work —- they may just build ROBOTS to repair themselves and won’t even need a human to push the botton. Technology is taking over. You can believe the Haves will do nothing to prevent the demise the human workers. With ROBOTS there is no need for human slaves. CHECKMATE!!!!! The world is fast coming to it’s end. That must have been what my old grandfather meant when he told us that man would get so smart they would destroy themselves. Get ready to meet your maker … sooner than we think!!!

  • wizowl

    Capitalism is no different than Communism when it comes to the working man/have-nots!

  • danno415

    Still think there is no difference?