The Faith of a Patriot, a Poem (Tribute to LaVoy Finicum)

February 9, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

The Faith of a Patriot


Humble, meek, submissive, yet strong,

With a knowledge of truth of right and wrong;

He looks o’er the land—endless fields in view;

Seeing a harvest great, but laborers few.


His scene is the deep, amid black skies,

and a ten-horned beast, from the sea doth rise;

At this terrible view, some friends now cower,

and submit to the beast in this self-same hour.


But a mightier image comes into view,

And a voice for a cause which beckons the few;

The invisible image of a mighty hand,

And an outstretched arm, on behalf of man.


With sword now drawn, he makes his choice,

to lend to the cause, heart, soul, and voice;

And says to himself, while others flee,

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”


While the beast approaches with its 7 crowns,

thru the quaking earth and the shrill of sounds;

A battle is fought for humanity,

To keep our home brave—ensure our land free.


Then despite works of Marx, and Gadianton bands,

The conspiracy is thwarted throughout all lands;

All joyfully gaze, while freedom spreads,

At the lifeless beast, with its 7 heads.


Kelly Gneiting

Detail of Betsy Ross Flag With Thirteen Stars and Stripes

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  • Rachel Nolan

    Beautiful Kelly. I love it and will share it with everyone. Thank you fellow patriot. With God, we will endure and prevail.

    • Kelly Gneiting

      Thanks Rachel.

  • Joe

    The most beautiful things are always needed especially now! We can never do too much in the best direction from Heavenly Father!

  • madgrandma

    Sharing with my group… Ranchers Lives Matter. Beautiful.