Trans-Mania, by Zack Strong

June 9, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

There is no such thing as a transgender person. Humans are born either male or female. Their sex is defined by their biology, not by choice, consensus, or social construct. Gender is an eternal quality which does not, and cannot, change. Males have male parts, one X and one Y chromosome, and unique masculine character traits; females have female parts, two X chromosomes, and unique feminine tendencies. Surgery can change the cosmetic features of an individual, but cannot alter the fact that he or she is biologically, from birth, either male or female. Nor can the fact that we are spiritually created as either male or female be changed by altering our physical bodies or by slapping a new label on ourselves.

Yes, there are some rare individuals born with the (usually malformed) genitalia of the opposite sex. However, these are anomalies and occur as a result of improperly functioning chromosomes. These anomalies are not natural or normal, nor do they make individuals into another species or change their genetically determined gender. Regardless of the physical malformations, they are either male or female. Even in these rare cases, there is no choice involved in determining gender. No, physical deformity does not dictate one’s sex, nor does personal preference or medical intervention. In the case of so-called transgenders, they do not even have a deformity – they simply choose to pretend that they are the opposite gender.

This “trans-mania,” as I’ve called it, has been hyped by the media, which is a controlled wing of the power establishment that is hell-bent on our enslavement and eventual destruction. We would do well to look at definition of mania, as well as synonyms of the word, in order to understand what I’m conveying with this description. A simple Google entry defines mania thus: “Mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.”

Synonyms of mania include: psychosis, insanity, lunacy, fetish, craze, obsession, compulsion, derangement, madness, etc. Yes, many Americans have become crazed and obsessed with their particular fetishes and psychoses to the point that, in their madness, they deny reality, nature, science, facts, and truth. They believe no laws or eternal truths apply to them; that all is relative or subjective. Gender, however, is not relative – it is eternal and fixed.

Transgenderism is a fiction. In fact, pick up a dictionary from a generation ago and you cannot even find the word “transgender.” Transgenderism a man-made mental disorder. America is suffering from mass mental illness. Or, perhaps more accurately, mass spiritual illness. It is not normal to think you are a woman, if you are a man. It is not sane to convince yourself you are a man, if you are in fact a woman. It is not healthy to believe you can change your sex on a whim. And it is certainly not healthy to butcher your body through surgery in order to fit a perverse fantasy. To believe these things betrays an acute level of moral and intellectual confusion. These individuals have been deceived and are groping in blindness. They need help. I also include individuals who act on unnatural homosexual or bisexual desires in this deceived, unhealthy, and spiritually-sick category.

If we truly love these deceived individuals, we will tell them that their delusions are unhealthy, immoral, self-destructive, and wrong; and then urge them to get the help they need. Just as you do not help a drug addict by feeding and deepening his addiction with more drugs, you do not help a sexually-confused individual by indulging his perversions. You do not help them by accepting their distorted version of reality as legitimate. You do not help the situation by parroting the lie that all viewpoints and all lifestyles are acceptable, normal, or of equal value. You do people who are afflicted by homosexual or transgender tendencies a huge disservice by supporting these lifestyles in which disease, abuse, domestic violence, rape, pedophilia, depression, substance abuse, self-hate, self-harm, and suicide are rampant and are, in fact, worse than among normal heterosexuals. Life expectancy among these groups is also twenty years lower than the national average. All of this is not due to discrimination, as some claim, but results from living a promiscuous lifestyle contrary to nature and contrary to God’s directives. Though giving them a pat on the head might make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, you do not show these people authentic love by embracing or facilitating unhealthy, self-destructive, spiritually-damaging behavior.

See the following articles – a small pittance among hundreds that could be cited – for evidence of the astronomically high rates of abuse, violence, suicide, disease, disorders, and mental health issues among adherents to so-called “alternative” lifestyles. Ignore the pitiful attempts by some of these writers to shift blame from the individuals who enter into perverse and harmful lifestyles to fictitious bullies, and focus instead on the appallingly high statistics of everything horrible a human being can experience recorded among the LGBTQA community:

These afflicted individuals are sons and daughters of God – as we all are. They have divine potential and a divine lineage, but have, for a myriad of reasons, chosen the wrong path. Often times, people who embrace these confused lifestyles have been abused in their youth and did not develop normally either mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. We do not know all the contributing factors, but we can safely refute the notion that they are “born that way.” God would not do that to His children. No one is born in sin – this is one of the Devil’s lies designed to depress us, steal our hope and faith, drag us down, make us bestial, and get us to rationalize our wrong choices.

It is immensely important in this case that we call a spade a spade. Addicts start their recovery by admitting they have a serious problem that is negatively impacting their life. In short, they admit they are in the wrong and that they must change. Only when this admission has been made can real recovery start. Homosexuality and transgenderism is essentially an addiction (in this case, enslavement to the lusts of the flesh) brought about by wrong choices and should be treated much the same way as addiction is treated.

Some bristle when people call homosexuality and like perversions addictions. Yet, whether you call them addictions, mental disorders, or simply immoral choices, the result is the same – these perversions are sinful, harmful, and unhealthy. And they must be treated and helped to recover. Again I repeat: We do not help these misguided and suffering people by indulging and accepting their self-destructive lifestyles.

Because the Satanic powers-that-be want to destroy our families, our culture, our Constitution, our traditional values, and our Christian heritage (and have largely succeeded), they promote every form of perversion from pornography to substance abuse to violence to racism to feminism to homosexuality and transgenderism, ad infinitum. They are behind it all. They know that a nation’s strength lies in its morality and religious faith. As I have quoted before, George Washington called morality and religion the “essential pillars of civil society” (Washington to the Clergy of Philadelphia, March 3, 1797). And indeed they are. Our society will inevitably collapse – no matter the outcome of our elections – if we continue on our downward path of immorality and irreligion.

The Luciferians who hold sway in our society use their controlled media to promote degenerates as “heroes,” and perversion and sin as normal and healthy. They preach “equality” for all lifestyles despite the fact that not all lifestyles, behaviors, or opinions are equal or of worth. With the media on their side, those who give in to the perversions often start calling themselves “enlightened,” “egalitarian,” “compassionate,” “tolerant,” “open-minded,” “loving,” “advanced,” “inclusive,” and other sickeningly erroneous descriptions. I know that something inside them tells them that their lifestyle is fundamentally wrong, but, not wanting to admit their guilt and put in the hard work required to change, they become vocal in justifying their poor behavior in order to drown out the quiet voice of godly reason we call a conscience.

In the same way, the deceived, and the media which support them, are trying to drown out the voices of reason in our society. They claim they are bullied and discriminated against, yet they are the ones bullying anyone who won’t accept their perversions as legitimate, normal, and healthy. They push unconstitutional and immoral hate speech laws which, in their ultimate effect, criminalize not only free speech, but morality and religious teachings. Anyone who speaks out in favor of reason, morality, religion, or free speech, is ridiculed, mocked, and called bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, intolerant, prudish, etc. These discriminatory “laws” must be opposed. I encourage you to also oppose giving special “rights” to any group. There is no such thing as “gay rights” – only human rights that are universally and equally enjoyed by all.

Trans-mania and homosexual militancy have become so virulent that under the guise of enforcing equality and fairness, the government has begun micro-managing private businesses and fining anyone who refuses, as they should, to go along with this communist-style social justice which favors a deluded, intolerant, vicious minority. The majority then sanctions these injustices with their silence. Silence is complicity. And because of our silence and indifference, what we have seen thus far will only be the beginning. You will yet see political correctness reach a fever pitch and spread to every corner of this nation like an infectious disease.

The homosexual and transgender community has become emboldened by our passivity. They have become militant and are trying to force their mental disorders upon the rest of us through manipulating the law and the courts, as well as by altering public opinion through constant media bombardment. The hoisting of their rainbow flag in our cities is a symbol of their conquest of American society – the same way any conquering power raises its flag over the vanquished.

I encourage everyone who sees the truth to stand firm. We are a minority, but we are on the winning side because we stand with God and uphold eternal truth. Do not give in to the bullying of the growing crowd of spiritually-sick Americans or to the media’s anti-Christian propaganda. Oppose so-called hate speech laws and instead promote free speech and the right to discriminate on your own private property. Be vigilant in rooting out these pernicious influences in your children’s schools (and please consider homeschooling as the rational alternative to government-controlled public schooling). Do not promote licentiousness and unbounded “liberty,” but instead support “rightful liberty” within the bounds of just laws, the equal rights of others, and moral precepts (Thomas Jefferson to Isaac H. Tiffany, April 4, 1819).

Stand up against the normalization of perversion and sin. Do not give in to the tendency to show your supposed “love” for those who have been deceived by indulging them, accepting their behavior as normal, or calling them “heroes” for fighting against nature and reality. They are not heroes, their behavior is far from normal, and indulging them only serves to deepen their disorder and ingratiate their pride (which in turn blinds them even further to their incorrect choices and leads them on to justify and rationalize). A true friend will tell them the truth, lead them to God, and get them the help they need so that they can recover and realize their divine potential. Because of the resilience of the human spirit, and the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, any human affliction can be overcome, any wound can be healed, and all sorrow and pain can be replaced with peace of mind and hope.

We must further understand that we are not animals bound by urges which we cannot control. Nor does our environment dictate our behavior. Darwinian evolution is a false, unscientific, anti-Christian notion promoted by Satan and his minions to destroy our faith in God and in our own divinity. We are human beings created in the image of Deity; sons and daughters of God our Father – His literal spirit children who lived with Him before coming to earth. We were endowed with free will and reason. We also have immeasurable, divine potential due to our Heavenly lineage. Our final destiny is to become like our Father, if we will follow the laws He has given us for our eternal benefit.

Satan, the enemy of mankind, has deceived the world which he temporarily, though precariously, controls. Some of us he persuades to forcibly impose restrictions on man’s agency and Freedom through the arm of government, while he convinces others to destroy themselves and their culture through perversions and immoral behavior. From the top down and the bottom up, Lucifer works to create chaos, blind minds and harden hearts, and to enslave mankind. If he cannot enslave us by convincing us to indulge our base appetites and animalistic desires, he forces us into slavery through tyrannical governments which he controls.

We must recognize the forces at play: God on the one hand, Lucifer on the other. As much as we like to sugarcoat it, everything that does not conform to God’s laws is of Satan and serves to harm mankind. Perversions of morality and sexuality are particularly damaging. Satan has focused perhaps more on distorting our sexuality, and persuading us to violate God’s eternal standards of chastity and modesty, than on any other thing. If anything debases us and distracts us from our life’s purpose, it is distorted and obsessive sexual appetites. The rising tide of trans-mania is but one more symptom of the root problem.

The problem is that we have forsaken God, and He is therefore leaving us to our own devices. Mankind usually rejects their Father owing to an incorrect understanding of His precepts. We inherently want truth and to do good, but we don’t know where to find it or what it requires. Because of our ignorance, we reject divine wisdom and are left to our own false wisdom and finite understanding. In our blindness, we oppose God’s laws and erect new ones in their place. Putting our wisdom ahead of God’s is the definition of pride, and pride is the gateway sin. Our pride leads us to rationalize our perversions, justify our sins, and celebrate our weaknesses. As we indulge everything that is wrong, we develop an affinity for everything that is base. In this atmosphere, transgenderism (including the growing trans-species movement), homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, pornography, and sexual excesses of all types become “normal.”

This process of man’s corruption was captured so eloquently by a poem from the pen of Alexander Pope. It reads:

“Vice is a monster of so frightful mien

As to be hated needs but to be seen;

Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”

If we continue to tolerate the transgender and homosexual movements, they will grow and spread. Eventually, even darker and more despicable perversions will peak their heads up and demand acceptance. Our will power will be so weak by then that we will accept these as well – and for the same illogical, incorrect reasons we accept homosexuality and transgenderism. I fear that under constant media bombardment, the American People will not only tolerate, but embrace these disorders. They are already taught in our schools, but they will ascend until they predominate our thinking. They will pervert our perception of reality until we no longer discern truth.

Truth, ladies and gentlemen, is the remedy to error. And truth comes from God. The types of perversions we have discussed today were unheard of in early America because Americans then received their training from the Bible and from their church leaders. America’s early foundation was the Gospel of Jesus Christ and universal morality. We were once a godly society that accepted God’s laws and commandments, and we prospered, had peace, and were made free accordingly.

Similarly, we must today promote divine truth and have the courage to stand our ground in the face of the rabid and intolerant opposition. We must shine the radiant light of truth into the profound darkness fostered by the Adversary. In this way, we accomplish at least two things: 1) we expose the Luciferians who deliberately promote perversion in order to destroy civilization, and 2) we simultaneously allow those who have been deceived to see clearly, which lets them make proper choices. Finally, we must encourage morality and religion while shunning and opposing immorality, sexual perversions, mental disorders like transgenderism, and self-destructive behavior of any type. Only by standing on God’s high ground can we escape the tidal wave of trans-mania and similar depravity sweeping the nation.


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