You Might Be a Communist If. . . by Zack Strong

May 5, 2016 Posted by: Kelly Gneiting

Are you a communist?

Silly question, right? Of course you’re not a communist! Or are you? It’s very likely that you believe in at least a few of the planks of the Communist Manifesto without even realizing it. Let’s go over them.

1. “Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.”

Do you believe in the abolition of private property? Perhaps not. But maybe you believe in the right of government to requisition private land for public use. Maybe you think that eminent domain laws are just, as Donald Trump does. Under eminent domain, private property is stolen all the time. Of course, it’s all for the “public good” and “general welfare.”

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have had their property, farms, possessions, and cash stolen by federal agents (think BLM and IRS) and local police (under asset forfeiture laws). On top of the outright confiscation of land and property, government has regulated private property so heavily in many locations that they de facto control it. Famously, you cannot collect rain water on your own property in Oregon. In other states, government can fine you if your grass grows to high. And still in other areas you cannot hang an American flag from your porch without being fined or dragged into court. If you support any of these property-controlling or property-stealing actions, you just might be a communist at heart.

2. “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”

Do you think the income tax is a great idea? Do you support the 16th Amendment? Do you think graduated taxation is just? Or maybe you believe the rich should pay proportionally more in taxes than the poor.  If you sustain any of these notions, you might be communist.

The U.S. Constitution originally forbade taxation that was not “uniform” – which in part means that whether you are a billionaire or part-time McDonald’s worker, you pay the same tax rate. It forbade direct taxation (i.e. taxes on people or property), such as the income tax. Today we boast of our love of equality, yet when it comes to taxes we seemingly want to be as unequal as possible (i.e. we want the rich to pay everything – after all, it’s their “fair share”). Taxation has become totally lopsided and unequal, with the rich paying more and half the country paying nothing, thus violating the intent of the original Constitution and leading us dangerously into communist waters.

3. “Abolition of all rights of inheritance.”

Do you believe in estate and inheritance taxes, or as they are colloquially known, death taxes? Do you believe the government can tax your wealth or property when you die and determine how much is passed on to your family? If so, you might be a communist. Though estate and inheritance taxes are straight out of the mind of Karl Marx, they are a reality in America.

4. “Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.”

communist-manifestoDo you believe government has the prerogative to strip “terrorists” of their property? Do you think Americans who renounce their citizenship and move abroad should have their wealth confiscated upon leaving? If you believe in these actions, or think that the government can strip anyone of their property in any way except through due process, you might be a communist.

5. “Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.”

Do you approve of the Federal Reserve? If so, you might be a communist. In fact, I will go one step further and say that if you believe in the propriety of the Federal Reserve and other such national banking schemes that centralize the power over money in the hands of anyone but Congress, you are a communist. The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned bank over which our government has no oversight power. We don’t even know who owns the Federal Reserve, let alone how much fiat money they print and who it is given to. One thing is certain, however, it is not owned or controlled by the American People or their representatives. Thus, a small clique of powerful internationalists achieved a massive coup in 1913 wherein they subjugated the American People, following the plan set forth in the Communist Manifesto.

6. “Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.”

Do you believe the government should regulate communications? Do you support the Federal Communications Commission or legislation such as CISPA or SOPA which would control the internet in Red Chinese fashion? Do you favor hate speech laws or the criminalization of controversial ideas and inquiries? Do you support government control over the internet? If so, you might be a communist. Naturally, there are public decency laws – covering inappropriate actions in public, in print, or on the internet – which are just and which prohibit lewd behavior that damages society by destroying universal morality. However, our Freedom will shortly evaporate if our ability to discuss issues, debate problems, share thoughts, and converse openly is regulated or controlled by government.

7. “Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.”

Should the government control the means of production of society, including industry, farms, and factories? Should the government own land for any purpose except those explicitly mentioned in the Constitution (such as for post roads)? If you answered in the affirmative, you might be a communist. Think of the horde of federal agencies which regulate land and how it is used: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM); the National Park Service; the Environmental Protection Agency; etc. These unconstitutional federal bodies regulate and control lands which rightfully belong to the People, or the states. In the name of protecting the environment and saving wildlife or vegetation, they steal land, drive people from their homes, fine farmers, shut down businesses, and lock up valuable natural resources like coal and oil. All of these restrictions of individual Liberty are carried out in the name of preserving the environment, of improving living standards for the community, etc. Yes, Lenin and Stalin would applaud the lengths to which our federal government controls and regulates the land and livelihoods of Americans.

8. “Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.”

Do believe in so-called Equal Rights legislation which thrusts even more women into the workforce, thus damaging families? Do you think labor unions are a terrific idea? Do you favor government dictating a minimum wage or other business policies of private companies? If so, you might be a communist. I won’t talk about economy-destroying minimum wage or labor unions here, because most people know a thing or two about them. I will, however, discuss how families are being torn asunder by the “equal” right to work ideology.

All of these “equal” right to work movements are designed to force both men and women into the workforce, which allows government to train their children and mold a new generation according to their whims. A population where men and women work full time is a population that is easily controlled because families are weakened when parents, especially the mother, are out of the home. In the Soviet Union, as in Russia today, women work in the factories and serve in the military. In modern America, women are also to be found in virtually any job formerly occupied by men, including, unfortunately, the military. The family is the key building block of society and it is weakened severely when women are pushed into the workforce, and when fathers are kept at work for so long trying to earn enough money to keep their families afloat they never see them.

This agenda to destroy the family and thus wreck society is one of the reasons why the communists were and are the driving force behind feminism. Feminism is a disease. It has done more to destroy marriages and families than any other philosophy – and this is by design. Let’s face it, because of the deliberately damaging monetary and business policies of the Federal Reserve and the government, it is now necessary for most women to work alongside their husbands to help sustain their families. Add to that feminist ideology which promotes a false form of “equality,” and so-called “Independence” for women, and the result is a nation whose families are tottering on the edge of destruction. Space is limited here, but suffice it to say that the communists sought the breakdown of the family through such materialism-promoting methods as those mentioned above – and as we look out over society today, we must admit they have been wildly successful.

9. “Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.”

If you feel community or “sustainable development” planning is a worthwhile endeavor, you might be a communist. If you believe in land-use regulations, you might be a communist. If you think that that people should be encouraged to leave the countryside and move into the cities, you might be a communist. If you favor government housing development zones and mass community living complexes, you might be a communist. If you favor laws that regulate agriculture, you might be a communist. This is all a part of U.N. Agenda 21. It is a part of communitarianism, which a fancy way of saying collectivism. Through untenable economic policies such as deliberate inflation, pressure and regulations on farmers which force them to close shop, and environmentalist propaganda, the government is encouraging (some might say forcing) people from the countryside into the cities where they can be more easily controlled.

Which is easier to control, a nation of dependent city dwellers horded together in concrete jungles, or a country of independent, self-sufficient men and women spread over a vast territory and connected with the earth. The fact that our leaders choose to promote the former is reminiscent of Soviet days with their collectivized farms, industrial factories, massive public works projects, community planning, communal living zones, and Khrushchev housing projects. Collectivism is a scourge, and anyone promoting it is a communist.

10. “Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, ect, ect.”

Do you support “free education” and public schooling? Do you believe in vocational or workforce training for youth in public schools? If so, you might be a communist. This plank is one of the keys to communist success in Russia and elsewhere, including America. In Russia’s “free” and compulsory public schools, children were conditioned and indoctrinated to believe communist dogmas. In American public schools today, children are indoctrinated in communist doctrines, though they are never called by their proper name.

It is my belief that public schooling is the #1 tool of Freedom’s enemies to destroy Americans today – and I say this as someone whose Dad is a career public school teacher and as someone who has worked in various positions in public schools (coach, substitute teacher, aide, etc.). The federal government dominates education through the unconstitutional Department of Education. It pushes No Child Left Behind and Common Core (often called Communist Core) and dictates curriculum. It blackmails schools into submission through the threat of withholding funds or accreditation. Public schooling is little more than brainwashing nowadays. I believe education is the key to success in life, but I vehemently abhor the laws compelling parents to “educate” their children, which normally translates into public school indoctrination. Compulsory education is force, and force is of Satan.

That this systematic propaganda effort in American public schools has been hugely successful is attested to by a recent Harvard University survey that found 51% of those polled between the ages of 18 and 29 opposed capitalism, while only 42% supported. See the report, as well as other evidences, at this link:

There are only two real options when it comes to economics: capitalism, or free enterprise, on the one hand, or a collectivist, state-controlled economy on the other (crony capitalism, or mercantilism, more or less falls into this latter category and should not be confused with free enterprise). Either people are free to conduct business, trade, sell and buy, invest, set their own prices and wages, etc., or they are not. Either the People are in control, or the state is. The rising generation apparently does not believe they should be allowed to have and exercise economic free will, but instead want the state to regulate and oversee everything in cradle to grave fashion. This type of planned economic system was proposed by Marx, instituted by Lenin, and has since been embraced by most peoples on earth, including Americans. The question should be asked, where do Americans learn these ideas?

Because of the breakdown of the family and the fact that both parents now work in most homes, the majority of what people learn comes from public schooling and media. In many families, the short time parents spend with their children in the mornings and evenings cannot and does not overrule the 8 hour a day, five days a week humanist, statist indoctrination they receive in public school. I urge parents who are able to homeschool their children. If you absolutely cannot homeschool, the next best option is to send your children to private schools with a moral curriculum. Whatever you do, you must counter the propaganda being force fed to your children by society.

Let us not be complacent and accept communist notions like “free education” or the “equal” right to work because they sound high-minded and noble. In reality, they prove snares to our feet and bind us down under the yoke of tyranny. The only difference between how communism has taken over the United States and how it conquered Russia is that in the latter case the Bolsheviks launched an armed coup followed by a bloody civil war to subdue dissent, whereas in America it has been a gradual process normally conducted under the guise of law. But whether through a coup or through the “legal” process, the result on our Liberty, prosperity, culture, and families is the same.

As we conclude this article, I repeat my initial question: Are you a communist? After comparing your beliefs to those proposed by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto, how do you stack up? If you have found that you believe certain of these communist ideas, I encourage you to abandon them in favor of the correct principles and ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. If you’ve learned that you are firmly anti-communist, as I hope you are, perhaps you have now understand how many of your fellow countrymen are in fact communists without knowing it, or how entrenched communism is in our laws and institutions.

Now that you see how ensnared our society is by communism, what are you going to do about it? Will we honor the Ten Amendments to the Bill of Rights, or the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto?

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