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Article V Convention

This is a letter we sent to the State legislators of the 28 states calling for a Constitutional Convention.   The dangers of a Constitutional Convention are elaborated in the body of the letter.   We hope you will study the reasons and take action to ward off these dangers.   If you feel as we do, we ask you to copy the letter, adapt it to your writing style, replace our signature with yours, and send it to the legislators in your state    Constituent feedback is the most effective input our legislators receive.


These are the 28 states calling for a Constitutional Convention:  


                                                                                                             July 27, 2019

Re: Constitutional Convention Call Rescission

Dear Rep/Sen. 

As you are aware, many calls for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) have been circulating since the 1970s right up to this year (2019). Some states have passed resolutions calling for an Article V Convention, while others have passed a call for a Balanced Budget (BBA), (COS), (NPV) or other Amendment. Pennsylvania passed a resolution calling for a constitutional convention in 1979. The Constitution provides in Article V for the states to bring forth changes to our Constitution when three-quarters of those states make a call for a “Constitutional Convention“. But that is not the ‘normal’ manner to amend the Constitution. Historically we have presented potential amendments, which have been approved by Congress, then sent to the states for their ratification vote. The historic method has been used more than a dozen times and has worked well . . . why then the push for a ‘full-blown Constitutional Convention’ NOW? A link to the “Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America” follows, a constitution which is planned to replace our inspired document should a constitutional convention be called.

There are inherent dangers in trying to amend our Constitution in such an unhistoric and hurried manner. Many people feel a convention is safe, but you have seen how debates and discussion can be brought to a standstill with the mere falling of a gavel. We all know what happened to the Articles of Confederation in the Convention in 1787, when state representatives were instructed to only amend the Articles and yet completely did away with them in a matter of days.

Because the states are close to reaching the 34 state threshold for a Con-Con Call, we ask for you to sponsor or support the Rescission Resolution of Delaware at the following link:


This Resolution may be adapted to the needs of your state. (The Nevada, Maryland, and New Mexico Legislatures passed similar resolutions in 2017 which will be sent to you upon your reply to this letter.)

Let's amend the Constitution the way it has successfully been done – through the US House and Senate, where one amendment is brought to the floor at a time for discussion. The alternative is to suffer the consequences of a risky, runaway convention which could rewrite entire sections of our inspired document, the Constitution for the United States of America.

Thank you for your service to Pennsylvania and our nation.
God Bless America,

Will Christensen,

“A More Perfect Union, America Becomes a Nation” is the story of the Constitutional Convention and how our Constitution came to be.    It tells of the personalities, conflicts and compromises which took place in the months long convention in sweltering Philadelphia in the Summer of 1787.    This is the Constitution story as you have never heard it.   1 hour, 51 minutes.

“Rein in Big Government, with Article VI not V” discusses an alternative to an Article V convention.    Robert Brown exposes how Article VI of the Constitution holds the answer to a run-away federal government and how we can bring our members of Congress back to promoting liberty and supporting the Constitution.   Produced by the John Birch Society.    60 minutes.

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