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Ballot Access

In a country that so lauds diversity, where is it at the ballot box?!  Are we to believe the lie that all of America, with a world of diverse cultures and backgrounds, can be grouped into just two political ideologies? 


According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2014, 43% of Americans identify as political independents, while only 30% identify as Democrats, and 26% identify as Republicans ; however, included in those findings is that, "when pressed," 45% of Americans lean Democrat, and 42% lean Republican.  In simple terms, the two major political parties are able to maintain their political reign, because people are actively compelled to vote between only the two!  This is primarily achieved through overly restrictive ballot access laws, which impede third party candidates from being on ballots.

In a world with electronic ballots, there is nothing which logistically impedes or limits the number of choices from which we should be allowed to choose - aside from the Democratic and Republican committees themselves, who wish to preserve their exclusive ballot access rights.  The Independent American Party calls upon all individuals who believe that voting rights should not be denied or abridged to stand with us.  Restrictive ballot access laws must be eased, if we are to truly have a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people!"

Here are some ways you can help:​

  • Donate to the Independent American Party (see link below).​

  • Advocate for the easing of ballot access laws via social media.

  • Write or call your state representatives.

  • Volunteer to gather signatures for a petition to get the IAP ballot access in your state.

  • Start a petition to open up ballot access laws to the voters, so the people can decide.

  • Contact your Regional Coordinator or State Chairman to learn other ways to help.

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