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Monthly Prayer Request

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August 2020


Our wonderful Constitution, inspired by God, was given to us to protect us from leaders who would prefer to keep us in bondage and follow every order they give.  Fortunately for us, the Founding Fathers listened to the inspiration given them and gave us our Constitution.  We need to work to keep it from changing.  When the Senate or Legislature puts into law something unconstitutional with the potential of incrementally taking away our liberty, we need to stand up to them, pressure them and not let anything like that happen.  Liberty takes work!!!   Thanks to Bob C. for this month’s prayer request ideas.


Please join with us this month as we focus our prayers for our group on the following:


  1. Let us pray mightily to God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon those of any Christian faith, so long as there should be any group of Christians remaining to possess this great land.

  2. Ask Heavenly Father to help us maintain our freedom of religion, our right to express our love of God our right to express how He expresses His love to us and our right to express our love to each other.

  3. Although this is a repeat request from a previous month, it is very important:  Ask Heavenly Father to send His angels to thwart the progress and place stumbling blocks in the way of those who unrighteously want to rule over us.

  4. Watching little children at the grocery store or walking along the street or wherever and seeing their innocence and happiness, it always saddens me when I hear of abuse towards them.  Ask Heavenly Father to protect them and comfort them if they fall into abuse.



May God bless each of you abundantly in your efforts.



Scott Bartlett

Prayer Committee

Independent American Party




If you know of someone who would join in our efforts with this prayer request, please forward it to them.

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