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Freedom Preservation with a Pen

A Plan to Preserve Our Freedom with the Pen (in hopes to not use the sword)

A plan authored by Chairman Emeritus, Will Christensen, and approved by the IAP


The problem with a purely political solution (voting the varmints out), is that power seekers are attracted to government.  The ones we vote out may be replaced by power seekers who are worse than the ones that just left.















Our Congress is made up of approximately 10% dedicated Socialists, about 15% dedicated Freedom fighters, and about 75% power seekers dedicated to getting re-elected. Power seekers will follow the group that seems most likely to insure their re-election.  In the past, this has been the Beltway Insiders who control large blocks of money used to finance Congressional Campaigns.  Name recognition in a campaign can be bought and therefore most candidates can be bought.  These are the 75% whose main political goal is re-election, and re-election has been spelled - accepting special interest money.


Our job as Americans is to make Freedom principles popular and to mobilize enough Activists to swing Congress on vital issues.  It has been said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Since this seems to be true of even good people, much less power seekers, we will need to create a "large" Activist base watching and influencing Congress.

The conventional wisdom in Washington is that for every constituent who writes, calls, faxes, or emails, there are 100 constituents, who didn’t contact, but who feel the same way and will vote.  This means that 50 Activists contacting Congress every week represent 5,000 voters who feel the same.  5,000 Votes will swing over 80% of Congressional elections, and our “Representatives” know it.  Our challenge is to recruit 50 Activists out of the 600,000 people in a normal Congressional District.


Most Congressional Bills pass or fail by 10 to 20%.  This means that we need to influence from 44 to 87 Representatives in the House and 10 to 20 Senators in the Senate.  With good leadership and the way to communicate with Congress made easy, we can mobilize some of the Independents, members of the Tea Party, members of political parties, and wake up Congress.  There are more than enough people who care in each Congressional District to get the job done.


50 Activists per Congressional District is eminently doable if we will but try.  Using the plan, we should be able to field 50 Activists in 50 Congressional Districts in about 6 months.  This doesn’t mean it will fall in our laps without work, but with consistent diligent effort, we can personally change the votes of our two Senators and our Representative in Congress.  Multiply this by ½ of 435 Congressional Districts and the battle is ours.


The question is, will we do it, or will we and our children live as slaves?

There are 47 Senators whose current Conservative Index is over 50%, and 3 more over 40%, making one half of the Senate voting the Freedom position almost half of the time.


There are 245  members of the House whose current Conservative Index is over  50%, which is 56% of the House voting the Freedom Position at least half of the time.  Many of these Senators and Representatives vote for Freedom with only token support from their constituents.

As constituents, we tend to communicate with our representatives only when we want something done.  We usually fail to congratulate them on votes well made or hold them accountable when the Freedom position is abandoned.

The enemies of Freedom are more wise.  They are in constant communication with those in Congress they wish to influence, praising and congratulating them for votes that promote the Insiders' agenda, and remembering votes that went awry.

The promoters of Freedom are often perceived as ungrateful, chronic complainers, while the enemies of Freedom are cast in the role of supporters to the Representatives' goal of remaining in Congress.  We must take a more positive role in our interaction with Congress.  If we expect to retain and enhance our Freedom, we must change our perceived role to one of support of those Representatives who vote for Freedom.


If the members of Congress who vote for Freedom at least half of the time were supported by a group of from 50 to 100 constituents per Congressional District, their voting record would improve and they would begin to be unshakable in their support of Freedom.  Their principled stand will attract others in Congress to the Freedom Cause and so we begin to reverse our long slide into a collectivist tyranny.

As the Freedom position becomes more popular, those wishing to retain their Congressional seats will be drawn to support Freedom issues.  It is our opportunity, our duty, and our destiny as Americans to support Freedom voting Senators and Representatives, and to gather like-minded constituents in each Congressional District who will do the same


I believe there is time to rally 50 to 100 activists in many Congressional Districts and thereby change the direction of Congress.  Re-building Congress is not glamorous, high profile work, but from this foundation so painstakingly laid, many glorious victories for Freedom will be won in the near future.  Our 50% in the Senate, and our 56+% in the House will grow into an overwhelming majority in Congress who vote to regain our Freedom.


Since Congress has the authority and duty to regulate the activities of the Judicial and Executive Branches, our Freedom as envisioned by the Founders will be returned.  I believe this is the only way we, as Americans, can fulfill our destiny in helping to preserve the Freedom of the United  States of America.


  1. This is a spiritual battle. We need to follow God’s commandments.
    The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.” John Adams, 1818

  2. Overall plan – What it takes to win:

    1. 50 constituents per Congressional District contacting Congress once per week.

    2. Pick your major battle – the one that has the most chance of influencing Freedom.

    3. Pick one or more minor battles, the kind that gets your blood churning.

    4. Be a Patriot leader by writing at least one Letter to the Editor per month.

    5. Organize the patriots you know into a unified force for influencing Congress for good.

  3. Endure to the end. (“Never give up!” Winston Churchill)


To be a part of the 50-100 "Action Alerters" in your Congressional District sign up below:

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