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Joining the Independent American Party below registers you as a General member of the PARTY and places you in a non-voting member status. To be a voting member of the IAP you must be a Supporting Member or a Life Member. Please also register as an IAP member in your STATE by contacting your local county clerk’s office or online at The Party need not be on the ballot in your state. Simply list “Independent American Party” in your registration information.

Please view and come into agreement with our Fifteen Simple Principles.


Just by signing up and agreeing to the 15 Principles you are considered a member, and will receive party information and growth opportunities that are of interest to Independent Voters.

Join the IAP

Read the Petition

* Find your Congressional District by clicking here
After opening the webpage, just enter your 
zip code, and it will reveal your Congressional District. 

NOTE: All three questions below MUST, and are required to be answered. If you do not answer the three questions below it can delay or make your application voided. Therefore denied by our application intake automatically.

Do you support the United States Constitution? *

Click here to view the
Independent American Party Bylaws

Do you support the Independent American Party Constitution and Bylaws? *

Click here to view the
Independent American Party Platform

Do you support the Independent American Party Principles and Platform? *

* Supporting Memberships at $25 per year
Life Time Memberships at $500 or more

After joining the IAP you may want to take the Independence Pledge (to the Constitution AND to seeking out good candidates). Don't forget to Like us on Facebook, too.

The Independence Pledge

Read the Petition

Thanks for signing the pledge!

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