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Regional Coordinators



1st Vice-Chair


Regional Coordinator  

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Veterans Committee Chair

Mark G. Phillips

Born May 28, 1953, to J.W. And Virginia Phillips

Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas

Graduated from Catholic High School for Boys 1972

Entered the United States Air Force in 1978.  1978-1981 Titan II Missile Maintenance Technician/Crew Chief 390th SMW/390th MIMS Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ., Tactical Air Command and Control Technician (TACP) 1981-1987.  Honorably discharged.

Married Neita (Raper) Phillips on February 20, 1993.


Retired from Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System in July 2003.

Former presidential independent candidate in 2012. 

Religious Affiliation:  Member of Lemon Bay Church of Christ, Englewood Florida

My personal intent as a member and officer of the IAP is to reaffirm to the populace the original ideals and duties contained in the US Constitution. I further am intending to help build this party by showing others that our 15 Principles are what we as Americans should be adhering to.


My goal is to commit to one hour each day on party business.


My personal interests are the Elimination of all unconstitutional expenditures for federal agencies and departments not covered by the Constitution. Elimination of the Federal Income Tax and the IRS substituting in its place a national sales tax. It could be $.05 to $.10 on the dollar. Food and medicine are exempted. By doing this, we can force the Federal Government into creating a balanced budget just like the states have.


This Party has “the right stuff”. We need to reach as many people as we can via social media and radio talk shows around the country. It wouldn’t hurt to have an article done on us in the NEW AMERICAN. Who knows, we might generate new members this way.


Our nation is falling deeper and deeper into the muck of indifference. We see gender confusion, the ugly head of racism rearing its ugly head more readily now. Children murdering or threatening to murder children in school, the war by the government on Christianity and openly supporting non-Christian religions (specifically Islam). A full remake back to what our country was founded for needs to be reemphasized: LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Acknowledging that God guided us in creating this country as a beacon to all oppressed individuals seeking freedom to live their lives without fear.

Cathy 2.jpg

Cathy worked for the Department of Defense, Air Force, where she was employed at McClellan AFB in Sacramento, CA.  When it closed, she transferred to Hill AFB in Utah.  After retiring, she managed her sister’s floral business.

Currently, Cathy works with girls ranging in age from 8-12 years old and helps them cultivate a desire to serve others.  In the past, she also worked with the California Runaway Hotline, as she helped children find ways to change their environment for the better.

Cathy received an Associate's Degree from the College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California, and attends  Brigham Young University-Idaho to major in Political Science.  She has been affiliated with the Independent American Party since 2003. 


2nd Vice-Chair


Regional Coordinator 

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Cathy McDonald

Leo L.jpg


3rd Vice-Chair


Regional Coordinator

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Leo Lindquist

Leo was born prematurely on May 1, 1951, weighing in at 3 lbs. 9 /12 oz., in St. Paul, Minnesota (Minne-snow-ta). Looking back he senses he came into this world on the 175th birthday of the founding of the Illuminati, to help rid the world of their existence. What a wonderful birthday present, it would be, to someday know, that such evil combinations no longer have a deceptive hold on society. The old saying that “knowledge is power” is especially true when one is trying to help others see both the lies and the truths that are about us.

He feels blessed to have come from a family, which remembered to put Old Glory out each holiday and to have a father who had only an 8th-grade education and taught Leo many good points about correct political principles. Like his father, Leo enjoys reading, specifically information and books about politics and diet. He helped campaign for Ron Paul in both the 2008 and 2012 election cycles.

His formal schooling was completed in St. Paul, and he completed one year of Automotive Mechanics after high school at a vocational school. He has had various jobs, but for most of his life, his working career has been in the transportation sector, as both employee and employer specifically repairing cars and small trucks. A few years were spent working as a mechanic on the class 8 trucks (semis), with some time in the parts dept. including shipping and receiving.

He woke up to the corruption in the two major parties, after listening to and watching George Bush, Sr. talks about the New World Order, during one of his State of the Union addresses. Further evidence of such double dealings in the two major parties made even more sense when his 95-year-old father voted for Ralph Nader in the 2000 election. He asked his father why he supported a third-party candidate and his dad said: “I remember every election since Woodrow Wilson. The Republicans and the Democrats have had control of the White House and/or Congress my entire life and still, nothing changes. Either they don’t know what they are doing or they’re doing it on purpose.” Leo couldn’t refute the simple logic of his dad.

Leo enjoys being of service to others as time permits. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call, email, a letter, or, heaven forbid, even one of his dumb, punny jokes, to help someone who is having challenges. He has also served for a number of years on the local school board and discovered that the word “independent” as part of the school district’s name is hardly appropriate, due to the various federal and state regulations that tie the Board’s hands.


4th Vice-Chair


Regional Coordinator

(see map)

Scott Bartlett

Scott was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, when a client asked him to help with his business.  He has been married for 35 years and has five children.

Scott has a variety of jobs, including being a paramedic in Minneapolis, a Small Business Development Officer for what is now Wells Fargo, and an Investment Banker for a private funds management company. He recently retired from Sioux Falls Tower and Communications as General Manager of one of their subdivisions.

Scott has been active in politics since his days at the University of Minnesota.  He has been a candidate for office and has been active behind the scenes in various political organizations.  He is a frequent speaker in support of the Constitution.

In his personal time, Scott is dedicated to serving those around him.  He served on the Sioux Falls Board of Health, and actively serves in his church working to put volunteers and organizations together.  He is a Merit Badge Counselor and likes to spend his time volunteering at organizations that help the homeless.

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