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                 National IAP Chair
               Lonny Ray Williams


Extensive experience working with the Executive Branch, Congressional, and Legislative offices in the U.S. Army Presidential Honor Guard at Fort Myer, Virginia, at the Military District of Washington Emergency Operations Center in Fort McNair, Washington DC, as a federal employee working for the Department of the Interior, and later working for a Republican Presidential appointee in the EPA. I also have experience working with elected officials on the construction of a moving and storage center in the transportation industry. Recent Candidate for Representative in Washington State 7th Legislative District. Former Washington State Coordinator and current National Independent American Party Chairman.


Parent of six children and two stepchildren. Editor and Author of The Pamphlet, a monthly publication about history, liberty, and civic responsibility. Hobby Farmer and educator in self-sufficiency. Executive Office Manager for the Republican Appointed Regional Administrator, USEPA, Executive Office Manager for the Superfund and Emergency Management Division, USEPA, Executive Office Manager, Storage Manager, and Field Relief Manager for U-Haul International of Northwest Washington. Federal service in the US Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census, US Department of the Interior National Park Service, US Army Military District of Washington Emergency Operations Center, US Army Presidential Honor Guard, US Army Infantry Air Assault.


Four years of post-secondary education at Pierce College, University of Phoenix, and DeVry University. Primary fields of study were Philosophy, Business Management, and Project Management respectively. Various professional pieces of training related to Federal Agency employment as well as private sector employment, these areas of study often focused on management practices, communications, and team building. US Army Air Assault School, US Army Infantry Training School. Woods Cross High School, School of hard knocks on my father’s Appaloosa and Quarter Horse ranch


Four years of active duty in the United States Army. While in service was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, Army Achievement Medal Second Oak Leaf Cluster, Army Service Ribbon, Presidential Fitness Award, and various Department of the Army Commendations. Faithful public service in Departments and Agencies previously listed. Lecturer and Instructor of self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness to communities. Service work through secular and non-secular organizations providing firewood and other services to needy families. Volunteer researcher, writer, and editor of THE PAMPHLET, a monthly publication about our history and responsibilities to liberty. Washington State Coordinator Independent American Party.


Executive Secretary

Leslie Williams

Hi, I am Leslie Williams.


I was born in the city, raised, and lived in the same city until 2016 when I married Lonny Ray. I spent most of my life working multiple jobs while raising kids. Most of the time “stealing from Peter to pay Paul”.

In my free time, I would teach my children their rights. I tried to help them learn and understand The Constitution, and I was active in fighting for those rights. I was active in the Tea Party. I volunteered my time with “Freedom Works” and a few times helped Sen Mike Lee with his campaigns. I also worked with them on the campaign and the fight against Common Core. I started to become very active against corruption during Obama’s campaign for President. Most of my adult life has been some sort of activism in the political world, standing up for what is right but staying in the back to not draw too much attention.

Lonny Ray and I got married and I moved out of state to live with him in Washington. “Freedom Works” was not active in my area, so I just fell back to voicing my opinions on social media. After much prayer and thought, providence God, moved us to Republic, Washington. Our goal since moving here is to grow close to God as a family, become as self-sufficient as possible, and raise our children to be responsible good citizens. The COVID pandemic shut down our State and Country along with our stores, restaurants, and churches. When everything opened again our church opened with the restrictions, and with that came new rules for those who were “allowed” to go to church. Needless to say, our family was not on the list of those that were allowed to go back to church. One Sunday morning after 6 months of not being allowed at church, while crying, I looked at Lonny and said, “Someone must do something. This is not right; our rights are being taken away from us.” That was when THE PAMPHLET was born.


I am the owner of a monthly publication teaching our country's history and the tyranny they fought. We compare the tyranny of then to the tyranny of today. If we learn from our past, we can fight the tyranny of today. We teach civic duties and responsibilities. We teach freedom and liberty. THE PAMPHLET is handed out for free. With the option of buying subscriptions and donating, to help fund the ministry. THE PAMPHLET is now in all 50 states, and 59 countries around the world. The eighteen-hour days that are put in between the family, farm, and THE PAMPHLET are all done for the love of our country. The countless hours that I put in on the administrative side while changing dirty diapers and rearing a family are for the freedom of all Americans.

Leslie Williams

Executive Secretary Independent American Party




Patricia Kent

Patricia Kent is a farm girl, born and raised in Malad, Idaho where she learned to work hard, play hard, respect others, and love this beautiful, covenant land of America.

Patricia was raised in a patriotic family. Her ancestors helped settle this nation, coming into Jamestown and many ports along the eastern seaboard.  They fought and some died in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and continue to serve in the military today; It was no surprise when Patricia joined the Army Reserves in the 1970s to serve her country.

Her Great Great Grandfather spent many years working to help Utah become a state and helped write the Utah State Constitution.

Patricia graduated from Weber State College in 1980 with a BS degree in Political Science and a secondary education teaching certificate. She moved to St. George, Utah in 1981 to teach high school, where she taught physical education, AP History, American Government, and Law and coached girls' athletics.

After her studies in Political Science, Patricia said she would never get involved in politics because it was too corrupt. However, as the years have passed and the liberty and freedoms of the people have diminished under the hands of our elected officials, she has stepped up and made her voice heard. She has ran for public office. Been a delegate to state conventions. Was the Chairwoman of the Washington County Tea Party Coalition. Was the National IAP Chair. Is the founder. She founded and is the Chair of the Liberty Action Coalition and speaks out constantly on the Constitution and what we must do to restore it to its proper place in our government.

Patricia's goal for the Independent American Party is to reach out to all Americans, to unite "We The People" in the cause of restoring the original Constitution to its rightful place as the governing Law of the Land.  To build the IAP to become the clear party choice of all liberty-loving people!

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