This book is intended as an overview of secret combinations, to make it clear what they are, who they are, how they operate and what their agenda is.

The world is divided into two powers. One is the gospel of the Son of God, based on the order of heaven, promoting peace and righteousness. The other is the order of secret abominations — the mode of governing mankind by the means of terrible oaths and by the law of force.

“There is no conspiracy theory in the Book of Mormon — it is a conspiracy fact.” (Ezra Taft Benson)

Those who are watching sense the world is becoming more wicked and more corrupt over time. The issues we face today are like fires, but these are not accidental fires. While putting out the fires is a good cause, it’s also important to identify the arsonists. Many evils in this world have been made possible and supported by well-meaning but ignorant people who did not understand the consequences of their actions.

“In any struggle, it is essential to know both what you are fighting for and what you are fighting against. If knowledge of the former is lacking, the will to win will be absent. If knowledge of the