Lessons on Liberty contains educational lessons that have been designed to guide you through an understanding of the principles of Liberty – Agency, Freedom, God-given Rights, The Proper Role of Government, The Constitution, Free Enterprise, Secret Combinations, God’s Law, and more. This information is presented from a gospel perspective and includes teachings from Ezra Taft Benson, Joseph Smith, W. Cleon Skousen and others. Other themes and topics in this book include: The war in heaven on earth today; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the proper role of government; an overview of America; the constitution: a heavenly banner; freedom and free enterprise; war and foreign policy; the hidden things of darkness: political secret combinations; opposition in all things: spiritual secret combinations; beware of pride; the majesty of God’s Law; becoming zion.This book is for ages 12 and up. It could be used as an educational homeschooling resource for teens, families and adults.

Lessons on Liberty by Brian Mecham