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The Evolution & Destruction of the Original Electoral College: 3rd Ed. Paperback

  • ​Why did the Framers of the Constitution reject a "popular vote" to elect a President? Why were the Framers opposed to democracy? What were the purposes and benefits of the original Electoral College? Why was the assignment of the Presidential Electors hijacked by the political parties? Why did President George Washington in his farewell address earnestly plead against resorting to political parties? The Electoral College today bears only a superficial resemblance to the ingenious system the Framers of the Constitution created. Their system was designed to identify the best possible presidential candidates and place only statesmen in the White House. This book is an in-depth analysis of the purpose and benefits of the original Electoral College System—a system which has been hidden (or rather ignored) for over two centuries. The original design is then contrasted to the current party-controlled system we use today. Discover, in a concise text, essential principles required to restore the Republic and American constitutional Federalism. Critical concepts examined: •Direct vs. indirect elections •Representative republic vs. democracy •The role of independent electors •Electoral votes are nominating votes •The principle of constitutional federalism •How the unique process was subverted by political parties •How the 12th Amendment institutionalized party usurpation •The empty shell we have today The April 2013 edition includes extensive footnotes, index, and endorsements from constitutional professors, lawyers, scholars and patriots. Those who want to understand the principles of freedom and limited government, as established by the Framers, will find this book indispensable.