"For freedom to be saved, [Satan's] hidden works of darkness must be brought to light, and exposed for what they are. If freedom-loving people do not stand together and restore limited Constitutional government, based on God's laws, then the enemies of Christ will yet be the means of bringing down another civilization."

"The Hidden things of Darkness is a masterful gathering of material from the Book of Mormon that will fill the pantry of your mind with a rich supply of wisdom." David R. Arroyo.

"This book not only substantiates the ground-breaking material my father wrote in The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil, it also carries on the work he did using the scriptures to expose Satan's deceptive and well-hidden plan." Hans V. Andersen, Jr.

The HIDDEN THINGS of DARKNESS - An Expose of the Enemies of Christ by Christopher S. Bentley. 296pg. Paperback (6"x9") Third printing 2020.

The Hidden Things Of Darkness: An Exposé of the Enemies of Christ