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Standing Committee

Ron has earned a Juris Doctorate in law, and a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology.


He has been credited by peers as one of the first people to claim and use the term ‘Conservatarian.’  Since 1968, Ron has coached over 100 candidates as a political strategist.  


His methods focus on grassroots tactics, such as mobile kiosks, to raise money and recognition for the candidates he coaches.  As part of his strategy, Ron also admonishes those whom he coaches for public office to reject any money from lobbyists.  Those candidates who have followed his sage advice, have not only won office but have remained free to represent their constituents, rather than the special interests of the lobbyists. This is important to Ron because America was designed for the people, by the people, and for the people - not the special interests of lobbyists.


Committee Chair

Dr. Ron Bartles, JD, Ph.D.

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