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Standing Committees

FIVE Standing Committees

Independent American Party State and National Standing Committees are broken up into RULES, EVENTS, MEMBERSHIP, ISSUES, and MEDIA


Rules Committee


  1. Executive Committee: Review, Propose, Develop and Promote Procedural Rules for Executive Committee

  2. Constitution and ByLaws: Review, Develop and Promote Constitution and Bylaws

  3. State Parties: Assist State Parties in development of their Constitution, Bylaws and Rules

  4. Training Manual: Review and maintain the training manual for membership reference


Events Committee


  1. Meetings: Develop, Arrange and Promote meetings of National Committee and National Convention

  2. Ballot Qualifications: Review, Develop and Coordinate ballot qualifications in every state

  3. Candidate Campaigns: Review, Develop, Coordinate and Assist National and State candidates in their campaigns

  4. Fund Raising: Review, Develop, Plan and Coordinate National and State Fund Raising


Membership Committee


  1. Membership Applications and Database: Receive and review membership applications and maintain a comprehensive membership database.

  2. Member Recruitment: Facilitate the recruitment, development and activities of the General Party members.

  3. State Recruitment: Facilitate the recruitment, development and activities of the State Parties. This will be accomplished by the following means:

  4. Credentials: Determine and verify the legal status of State Parties, and their eligibility for representation on the Executive Committee and National Committee, and at the National Conventions.


Issues Committee


  1. Committee of Correspondence: Research, Writing and Promoting Issues

  2. Principles and Platform: Propose, Develop and Promote Principles and Platform

  3. Speakers Bureau: Establish, Develop and Promote Speakers Bureau

  4. Voter Education: Propose, Develop and Promote Voter Education

  5. Candidates Assistance: Assist National and State Candidates with Issues


Media Committee


  1. Public Relations: Review, Develop, Communicate, and Liaison of Public Relations, News Media and Assist State Parties

  2. Internet Technology: Review, Develop, Communicate and Liaison of Websites, Networking, Materials, Users and Security

  3. Printed Materials: Review, Develop, Communicate and Liaison of publications, flyers, pamphlets, bumper stickers, banners and advertising materials

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