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Organize Your Area

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The IAP's Immediate-Level Organizing

The IAP is striving to organize according to the structure below.  Coordinators in each state are appointed by the National IAP until such time that they can organize and elect officers, independent of the National Party.

Party Members > Precinct Coordinators > County Coordinators > Congressional District Coordinators > State Coordinator > Regional Vice Chairs > Executive Committee


The mechanism by which we can delegate out duties to IAP Party Members in all 435 congressional districts:

1) The IAP National Convention, as outlined in the  IAP Constitution, is not an active entity as far as the current IAP structure is concerned.

2) As such, one IAP Party member per congressional district (435 altogether) will serve as elected representatives of the IAP Party Members in their congressional district as part of the IAP National Convention.

3) The current duties of the IAP National Convention, as outlined in the IAP Constitution, are limited.

4) A brief amendment to their duties could grant each IAP Representative from the 435 districts the following expanded responsibilities and authority:

a) To conduct research and writing on behalf of themselves and the IAP Party Members they represent.

b) To submit that research and writing to other members of the National Convention via email for vote (the research and writing that passes at that level would be submitted to the Executive Committee for passage or Veto - that which passes is published to the website, etc.).

c) To host and preside over IAP meet-up groups in their area.

d) To hear the voices of IAP Party Members in their congressional district and filter/pass those messages along to the executive committee.

e) To write, submit, & vote-on IAP Resolutions.

f) To seek out Congressional Candidates in their congressional district (or to be those candidates themselves).


In the Future:  4 Levels of Responsibility

The IAP recognizes 4 general levels of responsibility for Party members.  These 4 levels are:

* State and National Party Officers (as described in the IAP Constitution and By-laws)

........* Coordinators

.................* Precinct Organizers, and

..........................* General Members

All State and National Party Officers are voted in by their perspective State and National Committees.

Coordinators (described in more detail below) are appointed by National Party Officers.

Precinct Organizers are appointed by ANYONE with a level of responsibility within the IAP, including other Precinct Organizers.  They organize at the local level (where battles are fought and won), and are authorized/encouraged to:

1) Recruit new General Members wherever they might be found

2) Appoint new Precinct Organizers without regard to precinct location

3) Promote patriotism through the Beliefs and Issues, and supportive Bills

4) Organize together to form Political Action Committees (PACs); see below for more info


All Party Officers and Coordinators are also Precinct Organizers in their home precincts.

Coordinators and Precinct Organizers may hold any other office in the State or National Party or in any IAP political action committee (PAC) in which their place of residence makes them eligible (See IAP Organizational Chart).

Precinct Organizers living in one precinct cannot be a member of a Precinct PAC in a different precinct.

Upper level Coordinators, such as Congressional District Coordinators, are primarily responsible to assist in organizing Political Action Committees (PACs) at the Precinct and/or any other level within their area jurisdiction. They may also assume the office of “Acting” PAC Chairperson, until elections are held to adopt and vote-in officers.

Again, any general IAP officer has authority to appoint any number of IAP general members to be Precinct Organizers without regard to precinct location, and without getting permission from other Coordinators and/or Officers.  It is only necessary that a report of the appointment be sent to the National Region Coordinator.  The report should include information such as name, identity of the precinct or voting district, state, email address and/or phone number of the appointee.


Political Action Committees (PACs) & Coordinator Hierarchy

Precinct Organizers in the same precinct are encouraged to meet together for the purpose of nominating and voting in PAC officers, under the hierarchical oversight shown below:

* State Coordinator (oversee 2-3 United States Congressional Districts)

......* U.S. Congressional District Coordinators (oversees 3 State Senate Districts)

............* State Senate District Coordinators (oversees 3 State Legislative Districts)

..................* State Legislative District Coordinators (oversees 3 to 5 precincts)

...........................* Precinct Organizers (see maps at County Clerk's office or website).

Specific hierarchy can be amended accordingly to provide for State-wide and Regional uniqueness.

Although we’ve emphasized PACs at the Precinct level, they exist at every hierarchical level.  At the state level, coordinated PACs will be helpful in gaining ballot access (through the State Secretary’s office) and ultimately electing representatives into office.  PACs are recognized when the members nominate and vote for the committee chairperson and other appointed officers.  These officers may include a treasurer, secretary and/or any others as needed.

Official State Parties on the ballot would vote for a Chairman and adopt a Constitution and By-laws. Sample Constitution and Bylaws are provided, and can be modified as needed.

As well, all IAP members within a state may want to organize the groundwork for a state Convention in which the business of nominating and voting for state party officers would take place.  Officers would include a Chairman, 1 to 5 Vice-chairman, etc.  to create the State Executive Committee.

Following the pattern experienced at the precinct level, it will only take a few dedicated people participating through telephonic conference calls and/or physical meetings to organize the Party in a state.

Good luck!  Your organizational skills will make this happen!

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